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Assignment 3 – Dissecting a Qualitative Research Report Your paper should include your name and course title, adhere to APA style, and written in 12-font and double-spaced. Use the four APA Level-1...

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Assignment 3 – Dissecting a Qualitative Research Report

Your paper should include your name and course title, adhere to APA style, and written in 12-font and double-spaced. Use the four APA Level-1 headings and APA Level-2 headings as sub-sections. The full APA references should appear at the end of the assignment. Use format template on next page for this assignment.

Include the full reference of the article as the title of your paper.

From a recent (past 5 years) peer-reviewed journal, find an article that utilized the qualitative method. Read the article and be able to provide a short summary of the study. Use the following guidelines:


  • Problem Statement – Identify the background/rationale and research problem for the study.
  • Theory – Identify the theory the researcher(s) grounded the study in and describe the major research findings that support the theory. Next, list out the research questions or aims.


  • Participant(s) Who or what was the population of interest and what sample participated in the study.
  • Data Collection Strategies – Identify out of the following which were used and then provide a definition. How these were used will be answered in the Procedures section.
    • Observations
    • Interviews and questionnaires
    • Documents
    • Audiovisual materials
  • Design – Briefly describe the research design or approach that was utilized (e.g., ethnographic or phenomenological approach). Provide a definition of the design and a rationale as to why the design was the most appropriate (i.e., connect the design back to the research problem to be addressed).
  • Procedures – Briefly describe the data collection procedures.


  • Identify who and how the data were analyzed.


  • Describe the findings of the study and discuss how it supports or refutes the theory presented in the literature review.

Limitations and Suggestions – Identify the potential reasons why one should “suspend trust” in drawing inferences from using the qualitative method. Provide some rationale for additional approaches that can strengthen the outcome.

  • Ethical Considerations - Briefly discuss any related ethical or field issues that should be a consideration when collecting qualitative data?

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Running Head: ASSIGNMENT 3                                1
ASSIGNMENT 3                                        2
Name: _____________
Course Title: __________________
Title of the Paper: Steinberg, E. M., Valenzuela-Araujo, D., Zickafoose, J. S., Kieffer, E., & DeCamp, L. R. (2016). The “battle” of managing language ba
iers in health care Clinical pediatrics, 55(14), 1318-1327
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Problem Statement    3
Theory    3
Methods    3
Participants    3
Data Collection Strategies    4
Design    4
Procedures    5
Results    5
Discussion    6
Limitations and Suggestions    7
Ethical Considerations    8
Reference    9
Problem Statement
Healthcare is one major aspect of the society that should be accessible to everyone. It is the right of every person in the community to avail healthcare services i
espective of the background, financial state or race they come from. Children having parents who are from Limited English Proficiency (LEP) background also have the right to access high quality and secure healthcare practices as everyone else.
Offering better healthcare services to the children and families of LEP background persist as a demanding task. The study refe
ed in this essay was conducted to analyze the outlook of LEP Latina mothers and their experiences in healthcare services in pediatric section due to the language ba
Delivering safe and quality health care for children whose parents have limited English proficiency (LEP) offers a difficult task. The authors of the refe
ed report performed interviews, which aim on experiences of LEP mothers due to language ba
iers in the pediatric section of health care of two cities of the US.
The report studied was based on various issues caused due to the difference in language spoken in accessing the healthcare services. The partiality and social stigma encountered by these families underscores reasons why enhanced language flexibility in health care remains challenged.
This study involves investigation of accumulated data from two interviews of Spanish language executed in u
an areas having Latina mothers. The interviews involved mothers having availability the pediatric health services. The initial study was performed in between September and December (2009) in Southwest Detroit, Michigan where the Latino community is primarily present. It was performed in collaboration with the Community Health and Social Services (CHASS) Centre.
Similarly, the second study was performed from October 2011 to July 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland, at a general pediatric ward providing healthcare services to Latino families. All the candidates were a part of family-member contributor in the healthcare center’s introductory year of the Latino Family Advisory Board (LFAB). They took part in both the interviews in order to provide a better envisage of their encounters as board members of the healthcare center. A part of each interview was committed to investigate their encounters at pediatric section of the healthcare center.
Data Collection Strategies
Most of the interviews were performed in safe spaces that are house of the participants so that they can be comfortable enough to speak...

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