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Network Design Assignment Due Date Worth 20% (Marked out of 100 marks) Assessment Objective · The report helps you grasp the fundamental concept of network design and acquire the knowledge on the...

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Network Design Assignment
Due Date
20% (Marked out of 100 marks)
Assessment Objective
·  The report helps you grasp the fundamental concept of network design and acquire the knowledge on the techniques required for developing both logical and physical network designs.
·  The presentation enables presentation, oral communication and team skills to be exercised as well as providing an opportunity to research a specific topic.
·  Learning Outcomes Assessed:
K4. Describe the technologies and architecture of LANs, Wireless LANs and WANs. K5. Identify the principles of LAN design.
A1. Analyse and design LAN architecture for organisational requirements.
S1- Analyse data communication and networking technologies in today's Internet.
Network Design Case
Assume Ballarat Technology Park, Mt Helen Campus, Federation University, Australia owns 300 employees with a 150-computer network. The park has two adjacent buildings: (i) a five- story office building comprising 120 rooms and (ii) a single-story administration building with 20 rooms. The office building houses 120 computers, with additional 30 computers in the administration building. The cu
ent network is old and needs to be replaced.
The new network will house a data centre, the e-commerce edge, and 12 printers. 10 printers will be installed in the different rooms of the office building, while the other two are to be installed in the administration building. An employee is allowed to have printing service with any printer through the new network. Employees will
ing their own mobile devices (e.g., laptops, smartphones, tablets) to work. Employees will use them to access required information such as their work email, required documents, and Internet through wireless communication facilities (Wi-Fi access points).
Note, there are no other campuses, so you can omit WAN access. You will need to make some assumptions, so be sure to document your assumptions and explain why you have designed the network in this way.
There are two parts of the requirements for this assignment – a) Report and b) Presentation. Hand drawn layouts for both logical and physical designs are fine. However, if you like, you would use Concept Draw (https: or Smart Draw ( or any other network design software to draw the layout of logical and physical network designs.
a) Report [70 marks]
The report should be no more than 10 pages and needs to consider the following design tasks:
Design Tasks:
T1. Using the building-block network design process, develop a logical design of the new network for this enterprise campus that considers the seven network architecture components. Remember to consider the expected growth of the company. For the
design, you need to consider the following items:
1. Network architecture components
2. Application systems
3. Network users
4. Categorizing network needs
5. Deliverables
2. T2.  Design the physical design of the network based on the logical design completed in Task T1. Note, you do not need to develop an alternative design. For the physical design, you need to consider the following items:
[25 marks]
1. Designing client and servers
2. Designing circuits
3. Network design tools
4. Deliverables
3. T3.  Briefly describe how you will minimise the interference from Wi-Fi access points (APs) on different floors.
[10 marks]
4. T4.  You will make some assumptions; therefore, document your assumptions and explain why you have designed the network in this way.
[10 marks]
) Presentation [3O marks]
You need to produce a presentation consisting of eight PowerPoint slides based on your report and the relevant assessment criteria. The presentation time is 10 minutes. The presentation will be given in Week 12's timetabled tutorial.
Online students can provide the presentations through either an appropriate online video conferencing technique (e.g., Skype) or adding voice-over to their PowerPoint presentation slides.
You need to submit two files – (i) your assignment report in either Microsoft Word or PDF format and (ii) presentation slides. Please create a zip file, namely using these two files, and submit it via Moodle. Please refer to the “Course Description” for information regarding late assignments, extensions, special consideration, and plagiarism. A reminder of all academic regulations can be accessed via the university’s website. URL: http:
ent- students/essential-info/publications/handbook.
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Title of the assignment: network design assignment
Student’s name:
Student ID:
Professor’s name:
Course title:
Date: 6/8/2020
Table of Contents
1)    Introduction    3
2)    Analysis of network requirements    3
3)    T1: Logical design of required network    4
4)    T2: Physical design of required network    5
5)    T3: Interference minimization for developed Wi-Fi solution    7
6)    T4: Taken assumptions to develop this network    7
7)    Conclusion    8
8)    References:    9
1) Introduction
The “Ballarat Technology Park (BTP)” is cu
ently having 150 employee systems and requiring an effective LAN and Wi-Fi solution for its network users. The distribution of this LAN design is required for five floors of the building. As the cu
ently used network in the BTP campus is outdated, so, all physical equipments and other devices will be changed and a new Wi-Fi based LAN solution will be developed. The BTP campus is mainly focusing on the LAN implementation and WAN implementation is not their priority, thus, the devices will be selected for justification of LAN solution. Separate resources are cu
ently used on each different floor of BTP campus and it is leading to increased cost of network implementation. Thus, the resources which will be implemented in new campus will maintain shared nature in their actual implementation. By doing so, the printers and other devices can easily be shared among all 150 employees using this BTP campus network. Maintaining internet connectivity is also required for all the devices. The employees of BTP campus can also
ing their devices like smart phones and laptops to campus, thus, connection for these devices are also required.
2) Analysis of network requirements
The provided case of BTP campus shows important requirements related to functionalities of the new networking solution. The important identified requirements which must be fulfilled in new networking solution of LAN and Wi-Fi design are:
· All the different floors of BTP campus must be connected with the developed LAN solution.
· Internet connectivity is essential to all the deployed systems for employees and other devices.
· Both physical buildings of BTP campus must have Wi-Fi connections for their all users.
· The employees of BTP campus must be able to use all shared resources like printers for their work purpose.
· As Wi-Fi implementation and shared devices are implemented but it does not mean that LAN security will be compromised. Maintaining security is essential for all devices.
· All the implemented devices in the new network must provide consistent services to the network users. Any inte
uption and range issue in Wi-Fi connectivity must not be provided by the new network solution.
· The proposed network to BTP campus must maintain high performance in connectivity, resource sharing and implementation.
· The used network devices must show high integrity towards their final execution.
3) T1: Logical design of required network
The logical design is the core component of any new network solution and actual implementation of any new network is based on it. Thus, the created...

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