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Assignment: 1st Step to the Final Project During this course, you will learn to develop all the essential elements of a Business Plan, it can either be anexisting company on theNASDAQ exchange whichis...

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Assignment: 1st Step to the Final Project

During this course, you will learn to develop all the essential elements of a Business Plan, it can either be anexisting company on theNASDAQ exchange whichis the "Americanstock exchange, which islocated at One Liberty Plaza in New York City known as the New YorkStock Exchange"or "a company that you would like to start one day". Some of your plans will behypothetical, as access to certain information in the company is restricted, but you can focus on the actual existing customers and products or services the company offers to the public. If you are developing your own company it will be made up so just answer the questions that are being asked.

This section is due between weeks 1-2.

Student Instructions:

  1. Complete these sections of the Business Plan.
  2. Consider it a research assignment.
  3. You are not to leave the question you need to answer in the Business Plan. Make sure to answer them in paragraph form.

Vision/Mission Statement and Goals

A. Vision Statement

The vision/mission statements are clear summaries of where the business is headed. It describes what the business produces, who the products are produced for, and unique business characteristics. It will reflect the values of the management team and the type of business culture you are trying to create.

B. Goals and Objectives

What do you want your business to achieve? Be specific in terms of financial performance, resource commitments (time and money) and risk.

When will various milestones be achieved?

C. Keys to Success

What do you need, or must happen, for you to succeed?

Company Summary

The material in this section is an introduction to the firm.

A. Company Background

What does your business do?

Who were the founders of the business?

What were the important milestones in the development of the business?

B. Resources, Facilities, and Equipment

With what do you produce your products or services?

What are the land, equipment, human and financial resources?

Who provides them?

How are resource providers rewarded?

C. Marketing Methods

What is your annual sales volume in dollars and units?

Explain how you work with others to improve returns. This may include a strategic alliance with suppliers or customers that you can leverage.

Do you use forward contracting, options, or futures? If so, how?

How much does it cost to produce and deliver your products and services?

How is contracting used?

D. Management and Organization

Who is currently on the management team?

How have management responsibilities been divided among the management team?

What are the lines of authority?

Who acts as the president/CEO? spokesperson? Chief Financial Officer?

Who determines employees’ salaries and conducts performance reviews?

What is the educational background of the management team members?

What is the management team’s reputation in the community?

What special skills and abilities does the management team have?

What additional skills does the management team need?

Who are the key people and personnel that make your business run?

Who do you go to for advice and support?

Do management and employees have avenues for personal development?

Sketch a diagram of lines of authority for your operation.

E. Ownership Structure

Who are the primary stakeholders in your business?

Describe the legal form of your company, such as partnership, proprietorship, or corporation.

Do you need special permits to operate or a record for inspections? If you do, please describe them.

F. Social Responsibility

What environmental practices do you follow?

What procedures do you use for handling chemicals?

What noise/dust/timing/odor policies do you have?

What will be the roles of management and employees in community organizations?

What will be your involvement at the local/state/national level in commodity organizations?

What training and new employee orientation practices will you offer to ensure the proper handling of hazardous materials and safe operation of equipment?

G. Internal Analysis

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your firm?

What are the relative strengths of each enterprise or business unit within the firm?

What are the core competencies (things you are doing better than others) of your firm?

What things can you build on? Think only about the things that you can control.

Suggested areas to consider:

  • knowledge and work
  • financial position
  • productivity
  • family
  • lifestyle
  • location
  • resources

What enterprise or business unit should be exited?

What enterprise or business unit shows promise?

The Business Plan is divided into 4 sections: Due week 1-2; 3; 4-5; 8. Each section of the Business Plan needs to be 2-3 paragraphs some maybe more.The final submission will be adding the executive summary (explanation of the executive summary is under 1st assignment) to all 4 steps throughout the course into one document.

I dont now how many pages

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Bhavna answered on Jun 06 2021
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Date -6TH JUNE 2020
Management team- Directors, stakeholders, visitors and clients
A) Organization Mission
Corporation mission at Carnival Company is to continuously go beyond guest expectation by delivering beyond retreat experiences at an unconditional price though as well establishing fanatical investor profits. Company incessantly works hard to guarantee shipping is the nearly all enjoyable
eak familiarity potential for their guests.
B) What do you want your business to achieve? Be specific in terms of financial, resource commitments and risk.
Goal and Purpose
Company motto is to avail yourself
anded products to get hold of each row of the ship market. Nevertheless of purchaser budget, itinerary, location, Population study, company
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When will various milestones be achieved?
Milestones are accomplishment that organization transform enterprise objective. This can be accomplished within 5 years
C) Key to success
D) For determining success of enterprise fooling point should be considered
Identification of need of customer, Incredible experience, Sufficient assets, Purchasing clients, Sound enterprise structure are some of the key points which are to e considered in business plan
Organization Background
What your businesses do?
Festival company works as a luxury tour corporation. The corporation boats pay a quick journey approximately 700 ports under the parade Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Seabourn, P&O Cruises (Australia), Costa Cruises, AIDA Cruises, P&O Cruises (UK), and Cunard stamp names. It besides offers holidays to many ship landing place, as capably as owes and working restaurants, lodges, glass-domed railcars, and motor coaches. The friendship sell its voyages necessarily through pass through middlemen and trip workers. It works in various countries. Festival Corporation got established in 1972 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida
B) What are the Products of Carnival?
1) Carnival voyage line- It is the universe most famous voyage queue. It utilises twenty seven boats manufactures to give enjoyment and unforgettable holiday occu
ences at worth. It consistently...

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