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Assessment Topic : Children are capable and competent. They require the right circumstances that allow them to develop the experience to enhance their abilities, knowledge and skills. As an early...

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Assessment Topic :

Children are capable and competent. They require the right circumstances that allow them to develop the experience to enhance their abilities, knowledge and skills. As an early childhood teacher, you can seek opportunities through your practice to support children to demonstrate their capability and competency in accordance with their skills and abilities."

To complete your assessment task, follow the below instructions.

    1. Make sure you have looked through each session in Week 1, there are readings and resources available for you to use.

    2. To start, download the ECE6009 Assessment 1 Template linked above and make sure you are familiar with the format.

      1. The first section is 500 words demonstrating your emerging understanding of the child as capable and competent. This should be a summary of your understanding and needs to reference at least 2 different sources (theory and/or literature).

      2. The second section is a table for descriptors and supporting examples

      3. Complete the table by writing five descriptors of the child as capable and competent. An example of this might be: Descriptor #1 The child is a problem solver. Descriptor #2 The child...etc.

      4. Next, add two examples to illustrate each descriptor. Your examples will demonstrate situations/opportunities where you view and react to children as capable and competent. The examples will reflect your image of the child/ren and how you understand them.

    3. For guidance on using the APA Referencing Style,

    4. Note: please use this given template to write answer and please do not use any AI tools otherwise they will fail.

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Report Title
exercise template
    Child as Capable and Competent
    Write: Demonstrate your emerging image of the child as capable and competent (500 words)
Refer to at least 2 different sources (theory and/or literature). 
In early childhood education, a supportive learning environment that promotes holistic development is largely dependent on the perception of the kid as capable and competent. This theory- and literature-based viewpoint sees kids as active participants in their own education, with special talents, knowledge, and skills that may develop in the co
ect environments. The socio-cultural hypothesis developed by Vygotsky emphasises how important social interactions and cultural background are in influencing children's development. Children learn by actively engaging in social activities and working together with more experienced peers or adults, according to Vygotsky (1978). This viewpoint emphasises the child's capacity to participate in challenging activities and solve problems when given the right kind of assistance and scaffolding. Children show that they may learn and adapt through social interactions, for example, when they solve puzzles together or play out scenarios in their imaginations (Bateman, 2021). The Reggio Emilia method also sheds light on how to see kids as capable and competent learners. This method, which was influenced by Loris Malaguzzi, emphasises that children have "a hundred languages" that they may use to express themselves and create meaning (To et al., 2022). Children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and create using art, language, and symbolic play in su
oundings that are influenced by Reggio Emilia. This viewpoint honors children's natural inventiveness, curiosity, and capacity for clear concept and emotion communication. Recognising children's agency and autonomy in their learning process is essential to seeing them...

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