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Assessment Task 2 – Practical Assessment Instructions for completion  Read this practical assessment task, complete all the requirements and submit to the trainer/assessor by the due date  You are...

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Assessment Task 2 – Practical Assessment Instructions for completion  Read this practical assessment task, complete all the requirements and submit to the trainer/assessor by the due date  You are to work in a group of four (you and three other fellow students)  Assessment tasks must be typed (not hand written)  Use of correct grammar and spelling is required to demonstrate foundational skills  Use of APA referencing must be used where original sources other than your own have been used – to avoid plagiarism  Write your name, student ID, the assessment task and the name of the unit of competency on each piece of paper you submit for assessment Due Date The trainer/assessor will provide a date and time for this assessment The due date is _____________________________ Students are to choose one of the following themes.  Website 1: Online book shop  Website 2: Online CD/DVD shop Learners should follow the steps given below to complete the practical assessment: Step 1 You are required to create a design brief and initial concepts including:  Technical and Security Requirements  Delivery platform  Target Audience  Content required for website development. You will then create a presentation and seek feedback from your facilitator and class mates. Step 2 You should write a 200 word report explaining the w3c standards of your website. Step 3 You are required to gather and organise content and construct a content inventory detailing levels of hierarchy using classification techniques you must label to content (labels should be clear and consistent throughout the website) that is appropriate and meaningful to target audiences. You should create a draft of 200 words of your findings. Step4 Once you have gathered and organised your content you need to create a content classification document and discuss the same with your facilitator to ensure it meets project requirements. ICTWEB508 – Student Assessment 9 Version 1.0 – April 2019 Southern Cross Education Institute Step 5 Sketch WebPages you would use in your website, show relationship between the interactive contents and draw the site map. You should create navigation between the different WebPages designed. The navigation created should be easy, accessible and meet the project requirements. Step 6 Once you have completed all the above steps, you need to develop the prototype and ensure that it is consistent with project briefs. Step 7 Now that you have designed your prototype, you are required to conduct usability testing using appropriate testing techniques. You must submit evidence of your tests to your facilitator for feedback and incorporate design changes to the information architecture design specifications, Step 8 You need to submit your final work on the CD to your facilitator for approval and ensure that the prototype meets business requirements.
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60869 - book shop/2.docx
The goal of having the W3C standards for the organization help us to
ing the major players for the market which includes the publishers from organizations, booksellers, Accessibility organizations etc which can help to publish the book. This report is to cover the W3C standards for the website. The website is designed using HTML and CSS and they are supported with all the
owsers. There are few tags which are not supported by the Internet Explorer and these will not be used in the design. The colour for the website should be selected which match with each other and are pleasant for the eyes. As the website is designed for each age group so the font size and screen size must be appropriate. The website will have proper orientation and resolution for the old age. The website will also display the books in a different manner as they have a competition with the traditional books Displayed in the bookstore. The authorship, ethical and legal rights are mentioned over the website which can be seen by the viewers. All the links and their navigation is easy to understand and all the pages have similar interfaces to make sure that it is the same website which user was accessing initially.
60869 - book shop/3.docx
The first page of the book website will be the homepage which will show a tagline for the website and A
ief introduction about the contains of the site. This page will be the most designed page with CSS, and it will have creativity which can attract the users. The homepage will have navigation on the top which will show all the web pages and on the right top corner it will have a login or register button which will allow the user to register or login into their account using that...

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