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Assessment item 5 Research project (Report) Value: 20% Due date: 06-May-2018 Return date: 29-May-2018 Submission method options Alternative submission method Task In this assessment, you are required...

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Assessment item 5
Research project (Report)
Value: 20%
Due date: 06-May-2018
Return date: 29-May-2018
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
In this assessment, you are required to provide a complete report of your research project, that you chose in Assessment 3 (Research Project Abstract) by discussing the following aspects:
· Overview of the technology involved
· Relevant technologies and applications of those technologies
· Highlighting the challenges/problems in your chosen research area
· Identification of any gaps in the literature by:
· discussing areas/issues that you believe have been addressed in the cu
ent literature;
· highlighting areas/issues that have not been addressed or adequately addressed; and
· discussing your view(s) on the issue(s) that you see as being critical.
· Summarize the future research directions based on the identified gaps
To accomplish the above, you are expected to read and critically evaluate recent research in your selected research area by citing a minimum of 5 research articles. Students are encouraged to access such research articles from well known and reputed research portals such as IEEE, ACM, Springer, Wiley etc.
Note 1: Please note Wikipedia and general blogs will not be considered as reputable citations. 
Note 2:The topic chosen for the research is Biometrics for authentication : security and privacy implications from the previous assignment.
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Title of the assignment:
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Table of Contents
1.    Overview of biometric for authentication    3
2.    Applicable technologies and applications of biometric authentication    4
3.    Challenges/problems of biometric authentication    6
4.    Literature reviews of gaps in biometric authentication    6
5.    Summary for future research in biometric authentication area    7
6.    References:    8
1. Overview of biometric for authentication
When any organization of any specific system makes use of human body characteristics to authenticate any specific user, then, this deployed security mechanism of user authentication is refe
ed as biometric authentication system. The use of unique human characteristics makes it most improved and most secured authentication system in present era and in near future. Every human has different scans for eye retina and finger prints which can be uniquely identified by authentication system. By making use of eye retina and finger prints or any special human characteristics, the biometric authentication system can easily make identification of authorized or unauthorized users. The use of unique human characteristics makes is un
eakable from hackers side, thus, the user trust towards the security of biometric authentication can be maintained. So, we can say that in present and near future, the biometric authentication is most secured way of user authentication [Wayman et al, 2005].
It is the most secure system of any type of authentication. The biometric authentication is of different types. It mainly described by Iris recognition, finger scanning, finger layer ID, facial reorganization and identification on bases of human voice. Most of the documents and system which contains top secret material, are mostly requires biometric authentication. The modern authentication methods form biometric systems uses digitization of stored analog data in system and increasingly most accurate computerized data bases. As it is well known that most of the organization in modern era wants proper security implications related to user authentication. The main reason for selecting this research topic is its increased uses in modern authentication system as most reliable and accurate part. The biometric authentication is robust in nature which uses biological characteristics of human for improving security of any system. The rare failure chance, improved accuracy and minimum cost of maintenance makes then most used applications for user authentication [Siegal et al, 2018].
2. Applicable technologies and applications of biometric authentication
The biometric authentication is a collection of different applications and related applicable technologies. The mainly applicable technologies of biometric authentication are described below:
1. Reorganization of human face: It is the most flexible and hidden way of user authentication in which sometimes the user is not aware that his /her face is being recognized. It is a digital camera which can search any human from thousands of different faces. It uses biological characteristics like jaw line, nose width,...

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