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Assessment item 1 back to top Assessment Item 1 Value: 10% Due Date: Variable Date Return Date: - Length: Submission method options: Alternative submission method Task back to top You are required to...

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Assessment item 1

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Assessment Item 1

Value:10%Due Date:Variable DateReturn Date:-Length:Submission method options:Alternative submission method


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You are required to engage in reflective and academic discussions on the forums in ITC596’s interact site and curate your responses for submission.

How to successfully approach this task:

1. You will be provided with specific issues that you need to address in the forum discussions. These will be located in the first two (2) topics in the interact site.
2. Reflect on these questions and post your written responses on the forum and engage with your peers and their responses.
3. As this is a postgraduate course, it is expected that your written responses will provide you an opportunity to express your personal and professional views. There are no correct answers, however the way you justify your answers with validated evidence is key to this activity.
4. It is recommended that you post your responses as you get to the forum prompts in the topics in interact.
5. To successfully complete this task, you are required to curate, collect and save your responses in a word document to be submitted on Turnitin. Include the date and time this was posted on the forum. This activity's final mark will be provided prior to the final assessment item.
6. It is key that you respond and posts regularly and not post everything in the week that this assessment item is due.


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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcomes:

  • be able to justify the goals and various key terms used in risk management and assess IT risk in business terms.
  • be able to critically analyse the various approaches for mitigating security risk, including when to use insurance to transfer IT risk.
  • be able to critically evaluate IT security risks in terms of vulnerabilities targeted by hackers and the benefits of using intrusion detection systems, firewalls and vulnerability scanners to reduce risk.

As this is a graduate course, more is expected from students in the way of participation, and further as a graduate reading course, the opinions of students are actively sought to demonstrate that the reading material has been read, understood and provoked a response. The readings on a given topic will in general not agree on all issues in the topic, such as the role and feasibility of cyber-insurance, and soliciting written responses from students gives an opportunity for expressing opinions from the professional experience of each student. Also being a distance course, regular posting on the forum promotes the cohesion of the cohort and a notion of group learning for this course. This assignment is for students to meet parts of the a following learning outcomes.

Marking criteria and standards

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The written responses for each topic will be reviewed and assessed by the Subject Lecturer.

Students will be evaluated on:

  • Regular participation in forum activities
  • Understanding of the topic
  • Use of supporting evidence
  • Written expression
  • Constructive engagement in conversations to build learning community

Participation, understanding, evidence, writing, engagement

Contributed to many forum discussion in a meaningful way. Posts demonstrate a deep understanding of the content, well supported by evidence. Posts are clear and well written, leading discussions.

Frequent participation in forum discussions, demonstrating a good understanding of the content, supported by evidence. Posts have few errors and promote discussion.

Regular participation, demonstrating sound understanding of the content. Some comments lack detail and/or depth, and may contain minor errors.

Regular participation, demonstrating understanding of the content. May contain significant errors.

No regular participation or contribution to the learning community, no demonstration that the content has been understood.


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Forum posts will be delivered through the respective tools on the Interact site for the course.

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Wireless and Mobile Communication
Subject code    subject name    semester numbe
Wireless and Mobile Communication
[Type the company address]
Table of Contents
1) Abstract
2) Introduction
3) Discussion
4) Advantages
5) Disadvantages
6) Recommendation
7) Conclusion
8) References
Wireless and Mobile Communication
The field of Wireless and mobile communication is adopted worldwide. A large number of technology innovations in remarkable history of wireless and mobile communication. The core technology wireless has variety of communication and computing applications such as Fourth generation(4G), third generation (3G), indoor Wi-Fi network,
oadband access and RFID (Radio frequency identification). In wide area or local area, wireless communication system is used for the transmission of video, voice and data. There is variety of wireless communication system: multidirectional wireless cellular system, wireless local area networks, point to point wireless
idge and satellite communication system. In conclusion, in wireless area, this technology, this technology has accelerating pace in research and development with significant technological innovation over next decade.
There are a large number of wireless mobile devices globally. The fundamental transformation in ICT (Information and communications technology) is from wired internet services and personal computer to portable devices (connecting wireless) Mobile internet. The wireless revolution is represented by mobile internet. In 2011, there are four billions users worldwide by adopting cellular phones (Raychudhri,2012). The migration of cellular technology is toward internet services and data with the introduction of second generation (2G), third generation (3G) and Fourth generation (4G). So it enables to search mobile video streaming, multimedia application and computing application from navigation anywhere anytime. There is rapid growth in mobile data services because of popularity of internet. A number of Mobile market platform include that laptops, smart phones and notebooks. For wireless network and radio...

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