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Assessment DetailsAssessment Task 1: Personal reflection on your language awarenessTask Description: You are required to construct a personal reflection on the development of your own language...

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Assessment DetailsAssessment Task 1: Personal reflection on your language awarenessTask Description: You are required to construct a personal reflection on the development of your own language awareness in relation to gaining knowledge of the grammatical and technical aspects of written and spoken language. The term ‘language awareness’ will be unpacked and discussed in the first weeks of the semester. The first reading from the Thornbury text discusses ‘language awareness’ and this would be a good starting point for planning your assignment. There will also be a lecture to discuss this assignment available in MyLO. Do you remember having grammar lessons in primary and high school? Did you discover English grammar when you went to French lessons as an adult? Do you have a curiosity about how your own students learn English – how might your own knowledge of English support their developing knowledge? All of these questions could be a way to start thinking of your language awareness.Task Length 1500Assessment Criteria 1. Demonstrate the qualities of a reflective practitioner by: a. Critically reflecting on the impact of your personal experience on thinking about your own knowledge of the English language (your language awareness) in a TESOL context. b. Supporting your reflection with evidence (experiential and literaturebased). c. Discuss issues that are relevant to the development of a teacher’s personal understanding of English language teaching. 2. Communicate in narrative writing from a personal perspective. 3. Adherence to academic writing conventions.
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    It is commonly accepted that successful accomplishment of the evolution of the human society has been possible through communicative techniques developed over the centuries. It is the power of communication that has functioned like the career of ideas from one person to the other and vice versa. Similarly, the development of the languages and techniques used in shaping the perfect format of the same language has ensured a good transition of words over the course of time. In the context of personal reflective approach towards learning and imparting with the same knowledge with others, I have observed that learning English grammar is like sailing on a voyage which has multiple directions; the understanding of grammar and composition, improvement of vocabulary techniques and creative thinking altogether makes the understanding of the students perfect.
Personal Reflection: High School Classes
    In terms of retrieving the past when I could attend the grammar classes in high school, it was not so much a mesmerizing and much awaited kind of experience. The first eight years of learning English were quite typical. The odd situations were created when grammar concepts were taught in the class and I, as a student, have to recall the previous year studies so that I might connect them well with advanced section of the cu
ent year. in other words, it was complex thing to associate the pre-gained knowledge with the existing one, mostly leading to boredom and dullness of understanding techniques. The high school classes were no different from the previous year experiences.
However, changes began taking shape when creative writing was introduced and the emphasis was given on sustaining the grammar based accuracy in writing. I could learn that random writing of sentences based on particular part of speech like noun or pronoun was easy—even the tense studies were fair enough to do the same because I would observe one tense to write down a paragraph on a given topic. The scenario in the high school class changed with the emergence of creative writing section where I was expected to create something of my own i.e. the topic was generic and the instructor wanted us to be specific on any dimension of it. The situation began changing from this point onwards. More and more focus was directed towards improving the grammar techniques and most importantly, the merger of two or more techniques in a single piece of writing became the prime thing to do—it was never easy to pit five sentences of simple, complex and compound sentences in a single story which was based on the scariest moment of my life.
Consequently, the years of high school became the period of focus on technique more than before and I enjoyed writing once I gained fluency in the same. I could observe that grammar is not just technique with which, writing of a particular language becomes possible. Instead, it is a...

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