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ASSESSMENT 3 BUS707 – Applied Business Research T1 2018 ASSESSMENT 3: Structured Literature Review – 25% This assessment is designed to allow students to identify relevant sources for their research...

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BUS707 – Applied Business Research
T1 2018
ASSESSMENT 3: Structured Literature Review – 25%
This assessment is designed to allow students to identify relevant sources for their research and undertake review on a theoretical concepts/constructs that has real world business implications. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b and d
This article collections and structured review set a basis for literature review section of Research Proposal in Assessment 4.
Following consultation with the lecturer or tutor, the students research the field to find four academic articles relating to the research topic as proposed in Assessment 2. The articles must be from 2010 onwards, and all articles must be full papers (not research note or book reviews) sourced from refereed academic journals.
Note: Other than in exceptional circumstances, Assessment 3 will set the foundation for literature review of Assessment 4. PRIOR to its inclusion in Assessment 4 Research Proposal, students will be expected to make appropriate adjustments if recommended in feedback.
The structured literature review should addresses the following information:
1. Brief summary of the theory and progression in the field (i.e how has the theory developed)
2. Common themes/findings across the four articles
3. Different themes/findings across the four articles
4. Managerial implication of the four articles
5. Study limitations and future research direction proposed in the four articles.
Submission Details
· Individual Assessment
· Word limit: 1500 words (±10%) (excluding reference list)
· You need to state the word count of the assessment on the cover page.
· The review should be professionally presented using proper headings and sub-headings, in Arial 10pt or Times New Roman 12pt, single space. Harvard (Anglia) style referencing.
· Submission deadline 02 May 2018, by 11.59pm
· Softcopy to be uploaded on Turnitin via Moddle links
· Late penalties and extensions:
An important part of business life and key to achieving KOI’s graduate outcome of Professional Skills is the ability to manage workloads and meet deadlines. Consequently, any assessment items such as in- class quizzes and assignments missed or submitted after the due date/time will attract a penalty. Penalty for written assessment is - 5% of the total available marks per calendar day unless an extension is approved
· Applying for extension:
If students are unable to submit or attend an assessment when due, and extensions are possible, they must apply by completing the appropriate Application for Extension form available from the Student Information Centre in Moodle, the KOI Website (Policies and Forms) and the Reception Desk (Market St and Kent St), as soon as possible but no later than three (3) working days of the assessment due date. The completed form must be emailed with supporting documentation to XXXXXXXXXX and lecturers / tutors will be advised of the outcome of the extension request as soon as practicable. Appropriate documentary evidence to support the request for an extension must be supplied. Please remember there is no guarantee of an extension being granted, and poor organisation is not a satisfactory reason to be granted an extension.
Marks out of 20 will be awarded based on how well the following criteria is addressed:
    % Marks
ief summary of the theory and discussion of progression in the field
Identify and discuss common and different themes across the four articles
Identify and discuss managerial implication of the four articles
    Discuss the limitation of each of articles and how the limitation differ across the four articles, as well as identify future research direction suggested by the articles.
    Apply relevant skills and knowledge of research, the wider context of the problem and the inter-relationships between them;
10 %
    Present the information in a professional manner with co
    10 %
A full Marking Ru
ic will be provided in Moodle.
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Aarti J answered on Apr 30 2020
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Analyse the impact of human resource accounting on the profitability of the firm
Course Name
Course date
Student’s Name
Analyse the impact of human resource accounting on the profitability of the firm
Human resource is one of the most important resource of an organization. It is considered to be the most important and sensitive factor of the organization. Initially, the human resource was not considered for the accounting purposes as the human resource and the manpower was available in abundant and the manpower was unorganized.
Human resource can defined as the people who makes the human capital or the workforce of the company. Different aspects like knowledge, skills, energies and talent of the person which is used to produce different products of the company. It is one of the most important resource of the company which helps in to attain profitability of the company (Chouhan, Naghsbhandi, 2015).
Human resource accounting
In 1960’s the human resource accounting came into existence and since then has taken a shape for the social and environmental concerns. The companies are emphasizing on different aspects which focus on innovation, research and development of the company. The companies are emphasizing on service aspect of the business rather than the product aspect of the company. As the human resource is an intangible resource, the accounting of human resource is a little difficult as it does not adhere to the principles of the accounting. The human resource accounting lacks the objectivity and verifiability because of which the accounting of human resource is not reported on the balance sheet of the company. (Pandey, 2014)
The human resource accounting is the process which emphasize on identifying, recording and reporting of the investments that are done by the organization on human resource, which is not accounted in the conventional accounting.
As per the American Accounting Association, human resource accounting can be said as the process of identifying and communicating the information about the human resource of the organization so as to improve on the efficiency of the company.
Human resource accounting attempts to identify, quantify, measure, record and disclose the human resources in the financial statements of the company. The human resource accounting helps in decision making and utilizing the human resource more effectively and efficiently. With the help of human resource accounting, the company is able to collect the data and information about the acquisition, allocation, development and maintenance of the human resource. It also helps in making several decisions regarding the recruitment, training and development and other aspects of the human resource management.
As per the authors, there are three major aspects of human resource accounting which includes:
(1) “Identification of human resources as assets; (2) Measurement of asset data about human resources; and (3) Communication of this information to interested...

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