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Assessment 2 Literacy Learning Centre Due date 11: 59 pm (AEST), Thursday 30th May 2024 Weighting 50% Word count/length 2000 words(+/-10%; The reference list is not included...

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Assessment 2 Literacy Learning Centre
Due date 11: 59 pm (AEST), Thursday 30th May 2024
Weighting 50%
Word count/length 2000 words
(+/-10%; The reference list is not included in the word count but in-text citations are)

1, 2, 3, 4

Feedback Feedback will be provided on LMS in the form of a rubric (available in theEdu2LLC Term XXXXXXXXXXassessment summary guide) within three weeks.


To integrate your knowledge of language and literacy to design, plan and assess for intentional learning experiences in context of play-based activities.

Task details

To design a Literacy Learning Centre that intentionally develops one aspect of language or literacy. The Literacy Learning centre will be suitable for an early childhood centre for children aged 2-5 years, with a play based curriculum.


Please refer to the detailed instructions in the Subject Learning Guide on Pages 14-16 of the Subject Learning Guide.

Resources and readings relevant to the assessment

The modules, weekly readings, and files found in the 'Assessment 2: Resources' section are all recommended for completing this assessment task.

Edu2LLC Term XXXXXXXXXXassessment summary guide

Assessment 2: Submission Template File

YourLiteracy Learning Centrefor Assessment 2 should contain:

1. A description of the Literacy Learning Centre

The Literacy Learning Centre should be located in one place/space and not be a series of activities in a variety of places/spaces/times.

This should include a description of what the children will actually be doing in the Literacy Learning centre.

Examples – a café, a shop, garage, zoo, doctor’s clinic, vet, train station with train for children to climb into (boxes), materials for them to make tickers/Myki cards, role-play experiences.

2. At least one literature-based prop or concrete material for children to interact with, play with or use imaginatively.

What materials will be included in Literacy Learning Centre for children to play and interact with?

3. Print resources (e.g., books, words, letters, writing or other text creating materials) or other materials to encourage role-playing of literacy activities (e.g., note-pads for taking orders, cards, paper to make tickets etc.).

4.Resources for the development of spoken or written English for students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

5.Include photos or drawings of the Literacy Learning Centre to illustrate the description.

Remember not to show children from your centre. You may pick pictures from the internet if you are not currently working in an early childhood centre.

6. Thereshouldbe an aspect ofintentional teaching/scaffoldingand teacher involvement within the learning centre.

Example 1 File

Answered 10 days After May 19, 2024


Sanjukta answered on May 29 2024
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Language and Literacy
Assessment Task 2
Literacy Learning Centre
Submission Template
Tutorial group:
Word count-
Topic: Literacy learning centre
Age Group for Literacy Learning Centre: 2-5 years
The topic namely literacy learning centre is taken into consideration for the children aged 2-5 years with a play based cu
iculum because it recognizes the fact that children are curious naturally as well as learn best via hands-on exploration and also discovery. Furthermore, it can be stated that the play-based learning will be one of the most powerful approach for the children of these groups as in the recent times it has gained a lot of recognition in the early childhood programs. Instead of relying on the traditional teaching methods because literacy learning centre will em
ace the creativity and curiosity for fostering their development.
Literacy learning centre has the ability of developing literacy skills of the children to a great extent such as it can support early literacy development by communicating with children, playing and reading with rhyme. Moreover, children will be able to develop and learn via daily fun activities such as talking, singing, and also games.
Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be stated that Literacy Learning Centre directly links to the Early Years Learning Framework. Literacy is one of the areas for the development as per the statutory framework for the early year’s foundation stage (Australian Government Department of Education, 2022).
Literacy Learning Centre Description
Literacy learning centres can be regarded as an effective entity that meets the needs of the individual learners to a great extent. The children will be encouraged to create their own stories by providing pencils, paper and also markers at their tables in this literary centre. Moreover, the educators of this particular learning center will be supportive, encouraging, and also will have a positive attitude.
There will be a lot of print resources available for the children in this learning centre for example: Big books for drawing attention to the letters and words, writing paper, drawing utensils, writing utensils and also the other books that they were going to read.
There will be some of the materials that will be required for encouraging the role-play of the literacy activities such as large and small blocks, wooden or plastic vegetables and fruits, stuffed animals, textual props like signs and menus, tree cookies, note pads when they are taking orders as chef, paper for making bus ticket/plane ticket, etc.
It is needless to say that classroom materials need to be anti-biased and culturally relevant. This learning centre should expose the children to the items that are beautiful, ignite engagement and curiosity as well as invite connections to their cultural identities. One literature based prop that is intended to be used here is of William Shakespeare. Clothes will be included for dramatic play and his pictures will also be displayed. The family members of these children will be asked to lend some items from their home as well. Furthermore, musical instruments that depict that time period will also be used in this role play (Amochi, 2014).
There are some of the major resources that can be used for developing spoken English and written English for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. One of them is picture dictionaries that can help the children learn about language and words, as well as they can also become valuable resources for writing notes to families or friends in the home language. This learning centre will also keep an eye for some of the most interesting international magazines for keeping in writing or book area. The li
ary will also be stocked with bilingual books.
Intentional Teaching Description
Intentional teaching tends to involve continuously thinking about what an individual is doing as a teacher and how it will be enable or support the development of a child. As an educator one aspect of literacy is the main element that I intend to focus on. For example, intentional training will focus on vocabulary of the children because mastering Vocabulary for these students will help them to become proficient readers in future. For developing vocabulary intentionally these children should be taught explicitly both word-learning strategies and...

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