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Assessment 2 Assignment scenario You are a recent graduate with two years' experience in an acute care setting. You have taken a position as a home health care nurse, and you have several adult...

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Assessment 2

Assignment scenario

You are a recent graduate with two years' experience in an acute care setting. You have taken a position as a home health care nurse, and you have several adult patients with various medical conditions. However, you have recently been assigned to care for hospice patients.You do not have experience in this area, and you have not experienced a loved one at the end of life who has received hospice care. You notice that some of the family members or caregivers of patients in hospice care are withdrawn. You are wondering what the family caregivers are going through so that you might better understand the situation and provide quality care.

  1. Identify the research problem in the scenario.
  2. Clearly formulate a searchable question and the four/five components of each PICO (T) question in a table format (named it Table 1) related to the above scenario.
  3. Identify 2 databases to begin your literature search for evidence.
  4. Choose one database only, to be shown in the table (named it Table 2) and explain search strategies to find the relevant literature.
  5. Identify 2 evidence from your search that are relevant to your scenario.
  6. Briefly describe the first 2 steps (ask and acquire) of Evidence-based Practice relevant to your scenario.
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Bandita answered on Aug 13 2021
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Running Head: EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE IN NURSING                 1
EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE IN NURSING                         2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Research Problem — Hospice for Cancer Patients    3
PICOT Question    4
Research Question    5
Databases Used for the Essay    5
EBSCOhost for Research    5
Search Strategies Used    6
Two Evidences from the Search    7
Journal Article Number One    7
Journal Article Number Two    8
First Two Steps of Evidence Based Practice    8
Conclusion    9
References    10
Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is a procedure followed in nursing, which is used to solve issues by using the best accessible and functional evidence. It is done by incorporating authenticity from research, clinical skill and expertise, values and precedence to patients seeking healthcare in order to enhance the quality of the service, health outcomes from the service, effectiveness of the service provided, safety of the patient seeking healthcare, as well as the performance of the healthcare providers.
The practice helps in imparting a highly effective and practical process to obtain the objectives of quality in a healthcare system (Songur, Ozer, Gun & Top 2018). PICOT format is a useful method for condensing questions for research in order to investigate the effectiveness of the treatment. It stands for Population (P), Intervention (I), Comparison (C), Outcome (O) and Time (T) (Riva, Malik, Burnie, Endicott & Busse, 2012).
Population mentions the representative of the subjects chosen for the research. Intervention mentions the type of treatment that would be provided to the selected patients in the research. Comparison recognises the reference plan that could be used as a control to compare with the intervention. An outcome constitutes the results of the treatment process measured in order to identify the effectiveness of the treatment. Time explains the duration of the treatment.
Research Problem — Hospice for Cancer Patients
    Hospice is a system to provide care services to sick individuals who have restricted span of life to themselves and need all-inclusive medical, spiritual as well as psychosocial support as they approach towards the final stage of their health condition or illness. It is expanding area of healthcare sector, in which the healthcare providers take the responsibility to take care of the sick individual, physically and mentally until the end of the life of the patient.
For cancer patients, shifting from an active intervention to hospice care setting depicts a very dramatic and sensitive transition on both the physical as well the emotional or psychological state of the sick individuals. There are various factors, which have been observed to the distress of psychological state of the family carers such as the extended time span of the disease, escalated distress of the patient, significant and profound prognosis, metastatic disease and growing symptoms of the patient as well as the time span of care giving (Spatuzzi et al., 2017).
The emotional distress of the families or carers of the cancer patients would not only alter their capability to provide care for the sick person, but it would also highly influence their capability to assist mental and emotional support in order to various aspects of life and care of the patient. When the physical as well as emotional health of the carer is altered, it would lead to the compromise of care as well as managing the cancer patients (Huang et al., 2017).
PICOT Question
    The population of this essay is elderly people...

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