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ask description This task will require you to reflect upon and analyse a healthcare scenario from an ethico-legal perspective, using Driscoll's reflective model as a guide. You should choose ONE of...

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ask description

This task will require you to reflect upon and analyse a healthcare scenario from an ethico-legal perspective, using Driscoll's reflective model as a guide. You should choose ONE of the case studies below to use as the basis of your reflection.You are required to draw upon the unit content, personal experiences, relevant literature and learning resources to inform your reflection and analysis.

Task length

1500 words

Links to unit’s intended learning outcomes

1, 2

Assessment criteria

1. Demonstrates familiarity with key concepts of ethical practice (covered in the unit) pertaining to the chosen situation;

2. Demonstrates an understanding of the ethico-legal complexities inherent in the situation, and considers the implications of different courses of action;

3. Shows evidence of developing ethical awareness and how self-reflection may inform your practice and relationships with others;

4. Writes clearly and succinctly using Driscoll's model (written in the first-person), with correct grammar, ethico-legal terminology and referencing (Harvard style);

5. Integrates relevant literature and resources to support and justify key ideas and observations.

Contribution to final assessment


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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Description of the Situation (What?)    3
Interpretation and Ethical Considerations (So What?)    4
Conclusion of the Situation (Now What?)    5
References    7
Driscoll reflective model is a learning process that has three experiential stages that help in the evaluation of a healthcare or patient care situation (Golaghaie et al. 2019). In this reflective study, the Driscoll reflective model will help in the analysis of the case study of Ruth based on which the ethical standard will be evaluated.
Description of the Situation (What?)
The case is about 7-month-old Ruth, in Fallot, who was born with a heart defect. In order to help her with her blood flow at the age of 2 months, she had a crucial surgery where the doctor created a shunt in between the pulmonary artery and aorta. However, the surgery did not help Ruth enough in
eathing and often, her lungs would fill with liquid due to lack of adequate oxygen supply. This would require her parent Sam and Maddy rush her to her nearest hospital, which is 15 mins far from where she stays. I can understand that owing to her cu
ent physical condition and the A&E ward was the only hope for the young parent Sam and Maddy Phillips. I got the chance to know from the case study that Ruth's parent Sam and Maddy are very young and are school dropouts. They are struggling to save Ruth and make their day's meet. Both of them were constantly overworking so that they can continue with the care and treatment of Ruth.
However, during one emergency situation, the efficiency and the reliability of the hospital, on which Sam and Maddy relied on for saving Ruth’s life made a fatal mistake. There were four gaps, which can be pointed out, as stated by the cap. I observed that the new nurse who attended Ruth was inexperienced in handling critical patients, especially infants. Secondly, she was not aware of Ruth's needs and requirement, including her case history, even though Ruth had been handled by the hospital emergency staff several times before.
Thirdly, in spite of been a registered nurse, the new nurse injected Ruth with the adult dosage of morphine to relieve her from
eathing difficulties. The case study highlights, with the increase in the dosage of the morphine administration, which was ten times more than the original level. After the injection of a high dose of morphine, Ruth resulted in respiratory a
est. When evaluated, the other experienced nurses realised the mistake and was injected with antagonist narcotic to save Ruth.
The fourth gap I noticed that the lack of transparency between the physician and the patient. When Sam and Maddy showed their concern of Ruth degrading health condition, which almost took her life due to the respiratory a
est, Dr Koh could have clarified the actual situation and the medication e
or that has led to the mishap. However, again, I can perceive the trouble Sam and Maddy would have to take to travel more distance to take Ruth to another hospital...

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