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As part of this assessment you are asked to imagine that The NSW Parliament is seeking submissions from relevant stakeholders in the field of youth justice (e.g. police, legal aid, case managers,...

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As part of this assessment you are asked to imagine that The NSW Parliament is seeking submissions from relevant stakeholders in the field of youth justice (e.g. police, legal aid, case managers, adolescent psychologists, advocacy groups, teachers and researchers) in relation to the following proposals:

  1. Increase the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14 years of age
  2. Amend the Young Offenders Act 1997 (NSW) to introduce the option of youth justice conferencing for sex offences

Your Task:SelectONEproposal and write a 1,500 word (+/-10% leniency) ’briefing paper’ advising the NSW Parliament of the possible consequences, of the proposal in question, for young people in NSW. As a general Guide your Briefing Paper MUST:

  • Include aminimum of 5 scholarly sources(e.g. journal articles, books, book chapters, and respected government research papers and website).
  • Must acknowledge the ideas of others; reference direct quotes properly using theHarvard referencing systemand include a reference list at the end. The reference list is not included in the 1,500 word count, but in-text references are,
  • Viewpoints need to be substantiated usingrelevant literature, empirical evidence,andconvincing argument.
  • The briefing paper must beword-processed, doubled spacedand use a12pt fontthat is legible.
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Background    3
Stakeholders Analysis with respect to the Juvenile Justice System    4
Recommendations    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
There are many instances where it has been seen that people from a very young age get involved in crime. However, during the younger phase of life, they do not have the capability to reason or they do not have the sense during committing the crime. The effect of criminalisation or detention of the young children have found to have a significantly negative impact over their life trajectory, which impacts their life regarding completion of their education and well as regarding their long term job employment that do get affected because of their background.
In this paper, the proposal has been made with respect to the increase in the minimum age of the criminal responsibility, which was previously 10 years must be increased to 14 years of age. The proposal will be discussed while seeking a discussion with all the stakeholders who are involved with the judiciary system such as police, legal aid, case managers, adolescent psychologist, advocacy groups, teachers and the researchers regarding the formation of the proposal in a relevant manner.
There are various kinds of offences, which occur because of various reasons and these may not even commit intentionally or consciously. Eren, Depew and Barnes (2017) have discussed that whenever children commit crimes, weather it is a shoplifting or assault and battery, their cases are normally being heard in the juvenile court. In these courts, the cases were treated and emphasis is given more on the counselling and rehabilitation, rather than prosecuting the children with harder punishments. They have a belief that the juveniles have a lot of time to be matured and to become a functioning member of the society where they have a great contribution towards society.
Having an upper age limits the juvenile jurisdiction have also a lower age limits. Many of the countries are considering the age for considering the criminalisation of the children to a higher age group of around 15 to 16 years of age, however in Australia the minimum age for considering the criminalisation of the children is around 10 years. O’Brien and Fitz-Gi
on (2017) have further added that maintaining the age of criminal responsibility at the minimum age of 10 years is at its cu
ently stands is increasing odds with the medical and legal experts general consciousness in Australia and in the international platform.
Many of the leading groups have shown research that the minimum age of criminalisation should be raised to 14 years and that is recommended by groups such as Australian Medical Association, Riyal Australasian College of Physicians and many more such kind of institutions. This kind of Conesus is strong because that the medical researchers have shown that the children who are below the age of 14 are still undergoing through a significant neutral development. The areas responsible for the impulse control, planning and decision-making is not fully formed in the children compared to an adult. This means that the...

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