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Answer each of the following in approximately three pages. Both questions focus on complicated, multi-faceted issues. The questions require you to distill these complicated issues down to their...

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Answer each of the following in approximately three pages. Both questions focus on complicated, multi-faceted issues. The questions require you to distill these complicated issues down to their fundamental elements, summarize them briefly and make connections among them. This means you have to practice economy in writing, striving to make the most efficient use of your limited space. You will have to synthesize, combine, catalogue, categorize, classify, analyze and summarize to provide a succinct review of the issues.

I want you to refer to the readings. Do not rely solely on the Power Points. Those are only guides. The substance is found in the readings. Be sure to cite your sources. Also, make sure you indicate when you are quoting from the readings.

Please submit your answers via Blackboard. Instructions can be found on the course syllabus. Be careful to submit by the assignment due date or risk being penalized.

1. Discuss the elements of the cocaine “supply chain” (from producers to consumers) that results in the drug being available to users in the U.S. Be sure to refer to statistics on quantities and values of the illicit drug in the market. Why does the U.N. report refer to the industry as a “market in decline”? What factors have influenced this trend?

2. Why is money laundering essential to many transnational criminal enterprises? Discuss the basic elements of traditional money laundering schemes. What roles have legitimate financial institutions, e.g., banks, played in money laundering schemes operated for the benefit of international organized crime groups. Give examples.

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Cocaine and money laundering
Answer 1
In order to understand the supply chain relationship of cocaine in United States, we need to consider the features that characterize the a
angement among the VNSA groups. Despite of the positive implications of the growth in the international trade, it can also complicate the efforts to control the illicit drug problem. The production of the opinion poppy has increased rapidly since year 1985. The total area which is involved in the illicit opium poppy cultivation in year 1996 was about 280000 hectares. The main areas where this illicit opium produced are the global crescent which includes Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the global triangle of Myanmar, Lao PDR and Thailand. The major countries which supplies and produce opium in United States are Myanmar and Afghanistan. More than 300 tones of the heroin have been produced in these areas for the purpose of export. This number is rising rapidly in recent years. Through the previous decade the number of seizure of major drugs has risen rapidly. The most heavily trafficked drug in terms of volume in the world is cannabis. Around 3000 tons of he
al cannabis was seized in year 1995 globally. Several criminal groups are operating in the south west Asia which supply the opium poppy cultivation in the North America.
The drug chain of the United States is considered as the safest network in the world. But now the supply chain network is becoming more and more complex due to several threats such as cargo theft, counterfeiting, diversion and several other substandard and unapproved drug imports which could result in the ineffective and unsafe drug in the distribution network of United States. As per the report of national institute of drug abuse, around 23.9 million people were consuming psychotherapeutic medications or illicit drugs in 2012. The drug trade has grown subsequently in recent years and so has its demand. The drug addict introduces a new drug abuser about his/ her drug of choice which increases its demand. This circle continues to grow wider. Even America supplies plenty of its own supply of drug too. The most of the drug which entered in United States are basically from the south and Central America. The other nations which supplies drug in United States are Mexico and Columbia. The supply of heroin in the country is mainly derived from the Mexico and the South America. As per the NIDA report, around 90% of the heroin is cultivated in Afghanistan which further supplied around the world. The major portion of cocaine in America is supplied from the Columbia, Bolivia and Peru. And the marijuana majorly comes from Mexico. As per the data, more than 14% of the American between 15 to 64 years has used marijuana in their lifetime.
According to the annual UN report the global opium production has fall by 38% in year 2010 and cocaine production has also decline. The report also said that the global markets for heroin, cocaine and cannabis have declined. The major reason for the decline in opium production is due to the blight that wiped out the major opium harvest in the Afghanistan. As per the report the opium production declined to 4860 tones. The cola cultivation was shrunk by almost 18% in Columbia. As per the experts due to decline in cultivation, Peru replaced Colombia as largest producer of cola in the world. The UN experts the cocaine industry as market in decline due to the fall in the Columbian coca cultivation and opium harvest in Afghanistan. The fall in production will have a direct impact on the market of opium, marijuana and cola in unites states. In...

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