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Answer all the questions. Each question carries 10 marks. Q1. List out appropriate usage of Online processing and Batch processing with reasoning for each. Q2. Example of how you would use Decision...

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Answer all the questions. Each question carries 10 marks.

Q1. List out appropriate usage of Online processing and Batch processing with reasoning for each.

Q2. Example of how you would use Decision Support System to resolve organizational problems in supply chain.

Q3. Describe how you would design/architect an Office Automation System.

Q4. Describe your understanding of how MIS maps to operational excellence.

Q5. What are the strategies to formulate the appropriate MIS design?

Q6. How would you enable transitioning from traditional paper-based filing to a DBMS (map the steps involved)?

Q7. List out risks and mitigation measures in planning a move to the Cloud.

Domino's Pizza use case study: (text book will be attached, page#89)

Domino’s proprietary point-of-sale system, Pulse, is an important asset in maintaining consistent and efficient management functions in each of its restaurants. A point-of-sale system captures purchase and payment data at a physical location where goods or services are bought and sold using computers, automated cash registers, scanners, or other digital devices.

In 2003, Domino’s implemented Pulse in a large portion of its stores, and those stores reported improved customer service, reduced mistakes. As with most instances of organizational change of this magnitude, Domino’s experienced some resistance. Domino’s originally wanted its franchises to select Pulse to comply with its requirements for data security, but some franchises have resisted switching to Pulse and sought alternative systems. After Domino’s tried to compel those franchises to use Pulse, the U.S. District Court for Minnesota sided with franchisees who claimed that Domino’s could not force them to use this system

Answer the all the questions. Each question carries 5 marks.

a. What could Domino's have done to improve acceptability of its Pulse system?

b. Outline how you would enhance Pulse to accommodate modern day Domino's with coronavirus restrictions/change in consumer acceptance patterns.

c. Apply 5 Forces analytical framework to Dominos Pulse with plausible use case inferences/justifications

d. What are the security threats you will plan for while developing the enhanced Pulse System

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Answers to Questions
1. Online processing can be described as the continuous entry of transactions into a computer system in real time. Batch processing on the other hand is a type of processing, in which transactions can pile up in stacks of documents and are then entered to the computer system in batches itself. Online processing shall be used in real time processing, when responses are required in a short time (Kranjc, Orač, Podpečan, Lavrač & Robnik-Šikonja, 2017). This is so because data in online processing is processed immediately while it is entered into the system. Batch processing shall be used, when it is required to handle large amount of data. This is because it is a cost effective method to handle voluminous data.
2. Decision support system is a program that runs on computer systems to support judgments being made, determinations and course of action of a business organization. It is an information system that supports the activities of an organization along with the supporting the decisions being made by the management. In order to resolve the organizational problems in supply-chain decision support system can be used to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain processes at the strategic as well as tactical level (Teniwut & Hasyim, 2020). For instance, decision support systems can be used in demand planning, inventory planning, logistic management, capacity planning and sales forecasting.
3. Office automation systems are the system that allow for easy movement of the data from one system to another and therefore, eliminates the intervention of human beings. These tools are meant for reducing the inaccuracies that could have occu
ed due to the intervention of human beings. The design of an office automation system depends on J2EE architecture. This architecture shall include three tiers namely client tier used as an interactive medium, the middle tier to handle the logical functioning units and the enterprise data tier, which is used for storing enterprise data in a relational database. The office automation system shall include the components such as text processing, electronic mail, storage and retrieval of information, features to act as a personal assistant and task management.
4. MIS also known as the management information system is an information system that is used for the purpose of making decisions, controlling and coordinating the activities within an organization. MIS systems are capable of improving the operational excellence of a business organization as it helps to study people, processes and technology in the context of an organization. These systems are capable of assisting the management to make well-planned and informed decisions based on real-time data. MIS systems also assist in improving communication to suppliers and therefore, help in optimizing the supply chain (Yadeta, 2016). MIS systems also make it easier for the managers to communicate effectively with their subordinates. These systems also help to enhance the operational excellence as they enable technological innovations.
5. It is essential to design and develop an efficient and effective MIS system so that it can assist in optimizing the functions of a business...

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