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Alzheimer’s disease The essay should contain at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook. It should cover the following points: Explain the pathophysiology of the disease Discuss common...

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  • Alzheimer’s disease

The essay should contain at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook. It should cover the following points:

  • Explain the pathophysiology of the disease
  • Discuss common clinical manifestations
  • List differential diagnoses
  • Determine which lab tests would confirm the diagnosis and expected results
  • Analyze a current protocol for treatment and discuss how the treatment works from the pathophysiological perspective
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A dementia, Alzheimer’s is known to harm the memory and affect the abilities to think and behave in a negative way. As argued by Edvardsson, Watt & Pearce (2017), it is known to follow a slow development procedure and situation gets worse with the passing of time. Living life in a normal, healthy way takes a form, that of a big challenge. It leads to severe loss of memory, interferes with the chores of everyday life. As opined by Bragadóttir, Kalisch & Tryggvadóttir (2017), though common with the people of older age, it does not leave its share to feast upon the young, fresh minds. Reports say that a majority of America’s population have known to show signs of the early-onset Alzheimer’s, and the age range is much below 65.
Beta-amyloid plaques and its extracellular deposition, neuronal harm, issues related with the neuro-fi
illary components, are some of the factors that fall under the um
ella of pathophysiology of the Alzheimer’s disease. As argued by Kinnunenet al. (2018), Alzheimer’s is a disorder, more of a neurodegenerative one that is known to damage the abilities to think, learn understand, perceive, reason, issues related with self-awareness and being aware or to have knowledge about the general are critically impaired. As pointed out by Richards et al. (2018), a lot of harm is meted out with respect to the performance of the daily chores. Alzheimer’s is a dementia, giving way to the decay of
ain and leads to the enlargement of the ventricles that of the cere
al region. The release of the neurotransmitter is negatively affected, so that the level is much below the desired levels, due to the ill-effects of the disease over the enzyme choline acetyltransferase. As opined by Recio‐Saucedo et al. (2018), the Alzheimer’s is known to be characterised by neurons that are damaged and not living and su
ound the so called ‘cere
al plaques.’ The ‘neuro-fi
illar tangles’ that are located within the neurons are also associated with the disease of Alzheimer’s.
Common clinical manifestations
Studies are unfurling facts everyday about the Alzheimer’s. As pointed out by Lewis, Gaffney & Wilson (2017), research says that the harm that is inflicted over the
ain giving way to the damaging situations of loss of memory begins long before the actual symptoms occur like that of behaviour disorders or actual losing out of memory. As opined by Munderet al. (2018), though it may appear that people are free from the harmful symptoms, the changes bearing the seeds of harm have already started to
eed in the
People holding the seeds of the so called the late onset of the Alzheimer’s is known to show their symptoms when they are their mid-60’s phase. As argued by Friedman et al. (2018), people being host to the disease of the early-onset of the Alzheimer’s are known to show their symptoms when they are in the 30’s or going through the mid-60. As pointed out by Edvardsson, Watt & Pearce (2017), loss of memory, decreased ability to take wise decisions, poor senses of taking initiatives, problem in handling the activities of daily life with ease and...

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