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AIS Change Failure Having a business process implemented means that you must have full knowledge of the organization's products, operations, and goals. Research a company that implemented an AIS...

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AIS Change Failure

Having a business process implemented means that you must have full knowledge of the organization's products, operations, and goals. Research a company that implemented an AIS change to its operations and did not fully succeed.

Write a paper of 5-6 pages in which you:

  • Provide details about the company, its products, and its operations.

  • Explain some of the reasons that the AIS implementation failed.

  • Propose in detail a method to avoid this AIS implementation failure.

  • Explain two areas of the financial statements that were impacted because of the AIS failure.

  • Provide solutions for the issues that were created in the financial statements and provide a monitoring system to monitor these areas in the future.

  • Use at least three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source slide at least one time within your assignment.

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Prince answered on May 15 2024
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Lessons from the Target Corporation AIS Implementation Failure: A Comprehensive Analysis, Solutions, and Preventive Measures
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15th May 2024
Target Corporation, a leading American retail chain, experienced a disastrous automated information system (AIS) implementation failure that had severe consequences, particularly on its financial statements. Examining the root causes of this failure and proposing comprehensive solutions is crucial to preventing similar occu
ences and mitigating financial impacts.
About Target Corporation
Target Corporation is one of the most prominent American retail corporations with numerous general merchandise stores around the United States. The company was established in 1902 and has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Target Corporation, 2024). Throughout the years, Target has established itself as one of the most significant discount chains in the United States. Presently, there are over 1,900 stores in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Target Corporation uses a solely general purpose positioning approach. These include large format Target stores and smaller flexible format stores which include Target Express and City Target designed for densely populated u
an areas. The retailer is characterized by a beautiful and functional store layout ideal for multiple items of inexpensive merchandise, and a bulls-eye logo is used.
Target has a significant
ick-and-mortar presence throughout the country, in addition to, its sizable e-commerce website. allows customers to order products online and have them delivered to their homes or picked up at a local store. Key merchandise options available through include clothing and accessories, beauty and essential home items, housewares and decorations, groceries and pet items, children’s toys, electronics, and seasonal offerings.
Target employs nearly 350,000 people and is one of the largest private companies in the United States. With the product categories that promising design, novelty, worth, or have a “fun” shopping knowledge that differentiates Target from the competition in many ways. Target continues to grow by refu
ishing its stores, expanding digital possibilities, introducing new corporation
and and distinctive
ands, opening smaller-format stores in u
an areas.
Reasons of AIS Implementation failure at Target Corporation
One of the most severe data
eaches in 2013 was committed against Target Corporation. The cyberattack led to the exposure of millions of customers’ personal information. As a result, the company incorporated an automated information system to enhance security measures. AIS is a technology that allows monitoring the company’s networks and recognizing anomalies in the network activities that might signify an attack.
However, there were several flaws in the implementation process, so the system did not detect a major
each in 2014 namely, in this case the data of millions of other customers were compromised. Taking into account these considerations, the following are the reason the system did not work in this case: inadequate training for the new system, poor coordination of the IT department in the company and the system’s inability to identify the spyware used.
The implementation of the new automated information system at Target Corporation failed for several significant reasons. Poor coordination and communication among IT staff was a key contributing factor. High confusion, misunderstandings, and misconceptions were prevalent because the communication channels were not set prior to implementation.
Moreover, another essential factor contributing to this failure was the insufficiently trained staff. Considering that the new system was quite complex and had many sophisticated distinct features requiring time and practice to master, the staff was not prepared properly for work with it. Inadequate training methods made it almost impossible for the staff to use the new system actively without experience and skills (Yadron, 2014).
The lack of testing before the introduction of the system was another determinant in this...

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