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Advice the importance of Req Eng for the company. Pros & Cons. - Description of each Req Eng Process (Business, user, System) Discuss 4 steps in the process -Feasibility study -Requirement Gathering...

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Advice the importance of Req Eng for the company. Pros & Cons.

- Description of each Req Eng Process (Business, user, System)

Discuss 4 steps in the process

-Feasibility study

-Requirement Gathering

-Information System Requirement Specification

-Information System Requirement Validation

Advice a plan for requirement elicitation

-Who are the interviewees, interviewers, questions

To do:

-Define what is requirement elicitation? Why is it important?

-What are the elicitation processes? Or styles and techniques?

-What elicitation processes are appropriate for the application we are developing?
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Neha answered on Jul 01 2021
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This report is to understand the requirement engineering and its processes. requirement engineers for software engineers conduct these activities for designing any system. The requirement engineering can be defined as a process to define, document and update the requirements for a sister. Before developing a system, we must have a criterion to answer the reason for developing the system. This report is about the XYZ company who wants to sell the paints and hardware tools online and manage their data to make it easier for the customers to buy the product. The customers for the system can be trade person or non-trade person and each of them may have different level of understanding of the system. The company works inventory to store the information about the products and the database about the customers. The system will be able to complete the payments and process the request made by the customers. The stakeholders have different requirements which they want to be included in the system or website. The system is complex as each stakeholder have different requirement, so it is important to collect, store and maintain the documented requirements. If the documentation of the requirement is not done properly then Result can be a failed system (Nuseibeh, B., & Easte
ook, S).
Requirements engineering has the below processes.
1) Requirements Elicitation
The requirements elicitation is related with different methods which are used to gain the knowledge about the project and its requirements. The different sources to collect the domain knowledge includes the business manuals, standards form a stack holder, customers and an existing software similar requirements. Interviews, prototype,
ainstorming, Delphi technique, task analysis can be used for the air requirements elicitation. Elicitation is not used to produce any formal model to understand the requirements of the system but it is used to widen the domain knowledge of the analyst and helps to find out the input which will be used in the next stage.
2) Requirement specification
The requirement specification is generally used to find out the formal software requirement models. The functional requirement and the non-functional requirement and also the constraints are included in this step and specified. When the specification is performed, we may need more knowledge about the system which can help us to trigger the elicitation process. The ER diagrams, function become position diagram, data flow diagram, class diagram, data dictionary are few types of diagrams which can be used for the requirement specification process.
3) Requirements verification and validation
The verification refers to the set of tasks which helps to make sure that the software performs any specific function co
ectly. The validation Is used as a set of tasks which help us to make sure that the system is according to the customer requirements. If the requirements of the system are not validated, then the e
or may occur in the requirement definition in the successive stages this can result in a lot of modification And time wastage. This process helps us to make sure that the requirement is consistent with all other...

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