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Activity #9 - Free Will

Hi Everyone,

For this week's online activity, please watch the following video, which is an interview with a philosophy professor from UC Berkeley about the free will problem:

I'd also like you to read the following short chapter, from an introductory philosophy text about the free will problem: Nagel - Free will.pdf Nagel - Free will.pdf - Alternative Formats

- Alternative Formats

Drawing on the reading and the video, I’d like you to write a ½ to 1 page paper discussing why there may be reason to believe we do not really have free will. Areyou are convinced by this reason? Why or why not?

Answered Same DayDec 15, 2021


Taruna answered on Dec 16 2021
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    As per the observations made in the video and in the short chapter by Nigel, the concept of free will is a utopia. People have causal determinations about their actions; often drive by the random reasoning that includes some alternative possibilities of actions. For example, the possibility of ‘can’ and ‘could have’ run as they are hand in hand. Either of them is possible, therefore; the convincing argument is made in explaining that in terms of making choices, people...

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