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A meaningful response is needed to at least two (2) of your peers. 1st student discussion Business ethics is unavoidable because people are different and have different morals and ethics. Business...

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A meaningful response is needed toat least two (2)of your peers.
1st student discussion

Business ethics is unavoidable because people are different and have different morals and ethics. Business ethics is also something all of us deal with whether or not we know it. For example, waking up in the morning to go to work or staying in bed can be an ethical choice. We all have value systems which require good reasoning and experience in the real world and we all have personal responsibilities and well as the choice to hold other people accountable for their responsibilities. What one person may feel is right or wrong is not always what someone else deems right or wrong and these differences could clash.

In the world of business ethics, there is a assumption that because one is conducting business that one is lying and cheating. In business ethics many of the times the marketplace determines whether or not a business should engage in reputable behavior. If a business lies to get sales and the lie comes out to the public, the company most of the time will suffer in the marketplace. Business ethics in unavoidable because we all have things we find desirable, valuable and worth pursuing whether we are consumers, employees or upper management.

2nd students discussion

Business ethics is the study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues, such as bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility, etc. Ethics is business is extremely important for the employees and customers. Ethical decisions within a business affect everything that is in the work environment. If a work place does not have business ethics this can cause issues such as relationships. If an employee and manager are having a relationship, this could cause problems within work.

Another issue I could see arise is if the manager or another employee is discriminating again other employees or customer could arise in loss of money, loss of a job, loss of customers, etc. If a manager is biased again a certain type of people such as a transgender individual and refuses service to them based on their sexual orientation, this could cause issues with other customers and even employees. Business ethics is something that has to be held to the highest level and taken with seriousness due to the extreme impact that is could have on the entire business! With everything going on in this work, businesses need to stay neutral during any issue that is arises in order to keep all the customers it has and not discriminate against anyone’s opinion, way of living, gender or race.

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It was actually a very well composed post regarding the ethics in business, which people do need to keep in mind, as ultimately what anyone wants is their own benefit. This is regarding how ethics actually helps people achieve their targets while other people are not harmed in the process. The people in this competitive world are least interested in adjusting with others and always consider according to their own benefits, which might lead to someone...

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