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· A Good Man Reflection</o:p> Attached Files:</o:p> o MLA Template.docxMLA Template.docx - Alternative Formats XXXXXXXXXXKB)</o:p> Choose ONE AND ONLY type/definition/philosophy of...

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· A Good Man Reflection

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o MLA Template.docxMLA Template.docx - Alternative Formats XXXXXXXXXXKB)

Choose ONE AND ONLY type/definition/philosophy of morality. Explain how that type of morality is explored in "A Good Man is Hard to Find."


o At least three paragraphs

o In MLA format (Works Cited page encouraged but not required).

o A clearly used or defined idea of morality. Feel free to create your own, but you MUST be clear on what that morality is.

· Word to the wise: morality is NOT the differene between good and bad/right and wrong. Go deeper.

· At least two quotes with correctly formatted in text citations

· Submitted as an attached document

· Submitted before the Friday deadline

Answered 1 days AfterMar 15, 2022


Insha answered on Mar 17 2022
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Title: Morality explored in "A Good Man is Hard to Find."
The story "Good Man Is Hard to find" is one of several by Flannery O'Connor that depicts a biza
e morality in which immoral individuals have integrity while hypocrisy and moral co
uption appear to be magnetically linked to apparently "good" people. “Characters created to demonstrate the split between inner and outside morality are frequently at the focus of her works, illustrating this disparity. Morally, there are two types of people in "A Good Man Is Hard to Find": those who realize they are te
ible and those who continue to believe they are good. The grandma in this na
ative makes the e
or of believing that her moral characteristics are self-evident (Heiphetz). She claims to be a decent person and laments the status of the world alongside others, but she does not live up to her claims.
The Grandmother who leads her family into the clutches of...

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