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Abr Writing answered on May 03 2020
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Module 13 Quiz
You are to use collaborative filtering techniques to predict which political party voters who have not been polled will vote for in an upcoming election. We assume that we have a large data store of voters and many attributes about the voters. Attributes include age_group (with values of young, middle, old), gender, income_
acket (with values of under_50K, 50_150K, 150_300K, over_300K), marital_status, number_of_children, profession (with many different values), education_level (with values of no_high_school, high_school, bachelors, masters, doctor), number_of_automobiles, political_party, and state. Also assume that many voters have already been polled and the party they stated that they would vote for is also stored in the data store.
a) Design a schema for a structured cloud table such as Accumulo to represent this data.
The physical schema for a structured cloud table is as follows:
Key (Column)
) Write pseudocode for determining...

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