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Task 3: Report/Project For this assessment task, you need to prepare a report outlining a virtualization assessment report for a college called ABC College. ABC currently has 20 physical servers, with...

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Task 3:  Report/Project


For this assessment task, you need to prepare a report outlining a virtualization assessment report for a college called ABC College.  ABC currently has 20 physical servers, with different Operating System, CPU utilisation, RAM utilisation and application software requirements (see ABC College  Hardware and Software inventory below).  You have been asked to prepare a short report for ABC College management about how the current servers could be virtualized.


ABC College has noted the following requirements:


  • Any virtualization cluster should not have a single point of failure i.e. the cluster should have a minimum of two nodes
  • A dedicated physical machine should be reserved for administration
  • A preference for a Hyper-V solution


Your report should include the following parts


  • A section briefly describing the business benefits of server virtualization (not more than 200 words)
  • A section briefly describing what criteria will be applied to determine how the existing physical servers can be virtualized, and which of their existing physical servers fit the criteria for virtualization (not more than 200 words)
  • A section outlining your proposed solution for virtualization.  This should outline the number of physical servers you will deploy, the virtualization software you will use and the cost of these hardware and software components (for a cluster of two physical servers, a network switch, an ISCSI storage server, and a administrative host to manage the cluster. )  Note: you can use the cost information provided in the Indicative Costs Table below
  • A section showing a network diagram of the proposed configuration.  This should show the two cluster nodes, the management nodes, the switch, and the administrative host all connected in a single network.



You can read the Virtualization Case Study at College report (in Assessments section for this unit in Moodle)  to get an idea of the type of information included in a Virtualization Assessment report.  Your report does not have to be as large as this one (i.e. your report only needs to include the sections described above, but the Case Study does show you how these types of reports are prepared for customers in industry.



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Benefits of server visualization
Avoid server sprawl
Prior to server virtualization, admins were compelled to over-provision servers for making sure that they will satisfy demands of the user (Battiti and Mauro, 2011). With the help of server virtualization, there exists no more over-provisioning and one could easily size any virtual machine.
Do more with less
Within such lagging economy, IT divisions are compelled for doing more with less. Server virtualization ensures that admins are well-organized and responsive enabling them to perform more with less as well as effectively lead the IT department (Battiti and Mauro, 2011).
Cost savings
Not just the company would save upon the power, physical server hardware and cooling of the servers, which were consolidated, one would also save upon the time used for administering the physical servers. End users would be highly effective because of less downtime and others.
Moving running virtual machines
Really one among the highly influential traits of server virtualization is the capability of moving an operating virtual machine from one host to other that to with no...

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