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4. Please use APA style as required. Assignment: Complete a concept analysis on one of the following topics. Utilize the Overcoming concept analysis as an example. This part of the assignment should...

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4. Please use APA style as required.


  • Complete a concept analysis on one of the following topics. Utilize the Overcoming concept analysis as an example. This part of the assignment should be at least 1000 words and contain the following parts: Introduction, Definition and Uses of the Concept, Defining Attributes, Antecedents, Consequences, Model Case, Borderline Case, Contrary Case, and Implications for Nursing Practice. Your chosen defining attributes should be clearly identified in each of the three cases.
    • Hope
    • Caring
    • Trust
    • Teamwork
  • Appraise ways in which your nursing practice (patient care, education, research, administration, etc.) has been influenced by nursing (or borrowed) theory.

The assignment should be about 1500 words in length and contain at least two scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook and provided material. Please submit your assignment in one APA formatted document.

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David answered on Dec 25 2019
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My paper is prepared for the nursing practices in health care for the caring of the patients. It is very essential to look at the patient as a whole from a psychological, physiological, social and spiritual point of view before nurse plan to take care of the patient. A patient's social foundation and culture are additionally to be considered for planning care process. Being delicate with the patient's way of life is imperative as the key piece of a patient wellbeing is subject to nursing design. It is appropriate that nursing and midwifery care practice should react to the consistently changing necessities of the populace and the wellbeing administration.
The practice is a combination of scientific knowledge, compassion and respect for human dignity. It involves hard work but provides many rewards both in personal and professional terms. It integrates with patient’s science into practice so as to provide high-quality, effective health care and is not simply a collection of specific skills. The practice is not merely to train workers in order to ca
y out patient care tasks. Professionals are trained who provide quality health care for patients, families, and communities (Nursing Theory).
A move towards theory-based practice has given meaning to the contemporary nursing and made it more critical by moving nursing's concentration from job to an efficient profession (Nursing Theory). The thought process in learning base to manage proficient nursing practice or work had been acknowledged in twentieth century and accordingly numerous hypothetical works have been contributed by medical attendants from that point forward. Basically, with the objective of influencing nursing a perceived calling and furthermore with the goal of conveying consideration to patients as professionals. As to some portion of the nursing practice, nursing procedure is a strategy logically used to guarantee quality patient healthcare (Georgia Fouka, 2017). There are different stages in the medical nursing procedure:
· Assessment,
· Outcome identification,
· Nursing diagnosis,
· Preparation,
· Implementation
· Evaluation
So also, there are some nursing speculations which are moderately another part of this profession. Nursing hypotheses have an enduring effect on the instruction, preparing and advancement of expert attendants. Additionally, they have affected patient care as well as results in ordinary nursing practice. One main thing needs to be ensured is that the future attendant scholars ought to stay consistent with their clinical line, with their hypotheses keep on being relevant to nursing medical practice even in a regularly changing human services scene (Zana Rae, 2001).
Nursing theory refers to ‘a rigorous creative as well as structuring of thoughts that project a purposeful, tentative, as well as...

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