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2 2 Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines Trimester T1 2018 Unit Code BN106 Unit Title Networking Fundamentals Assessment Type Individual Assignment Assessment Title Network design Purpose of...

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    Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines

    T1 2018
    Unit Code
    Unit Title
    Networking Fundamentals
    Assessment Type
    Individual Assignment
    Assessment Title
    Network design
    Purpose of the assessment (with ULO
    This assignment assesses the basic concepts of networking design; students should be able to demonstrate their achievements in the following unit learning outcomes:
· Recognize network topologies, media types and network components;
· Identify the network (OSI) layers at which various network devices operate;
· Use some basic tools/utilities for network analysis;
· Employ basic cabling and network design techniques to connect devices.
    Total Marks
    Word limit
    Due Date
    01/06/2018 5:00PM
    Submission Guidelines
    · All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
· The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Cali
i (Body) font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings.
· Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using IEEE referencing style.
    If an extension of time to submit work is required, a Special Consideration Application must be submitted directly on AMS at least three working days prior to the due date of the assignment. Further information is available at:
    Academic Misconduct

    Academic Misconduct is a serious offence. Depending on the seriousness of the case, penalties can vary from a written warning or zero marks to exclusion from the course or cancellation of the degree. Students should make themselves familiar with the full policy and procedure available at: http:
Academic-Misconduct-Policy-Procedure. For further information, please refer to the Academic Integrity Section in the Unit Description.

Prepared by: Ms Ansam Khraisat XXXXXXXXXXModerated by: Dr Rajan Kadel     May, 2018

Assignment Description

Imagine you are a network administrator for A
Company. The company has six offices in the city of Melbourne and the su
ounding subu
s. You need to prepare a networking solution that enables employees in all six offices to communicate both internally in that office and, to a lesser extent, between the other offices. The farthest distance between any two offices is 70 kilometres. Most user resource requirements are met by servers located in the same office as the users who need to access them. The main communication requirements between offices relate to e-mail and periodic file transfers. You have been promised a budget sufficient to meet the requirements, but you have also been told to keep costs to a minimum.
The company’s head office, on the other hand, occupies the top three floors of a building within the Melbourne CBD. Other companies have offices on the floors below. The head office consists of three departments: general support, marketing, and sales. General support occupies the first of the three floors, while marketing and sales are on the second floor and third respectively. General support has 32 workstations, marketing has 20 workstations, and sales has 38 workstations. Some applications require that data be transfe
ed between departments, but generally, each department has its own applications. Everyone needs access to the Internet, the company internal Internet (intranet), and email. You want to design the network that is as easy to manage as possible. You want to minimise the potential impact of problems on any one floor to the other two floors. You are implementing this network as a wired network.
Write a report that address the following Criteria.
1. Your report should include a
ief introduction at the beginning of the report [5 marks]
2. Report should include relevant references and should be properly cited in text using the IEEE
    style of referencing.      [5 marks]
3. Design a wide area network solution for this company showing all the six office locations and any interconnecting devices such as routers, if any are used. What are some of the potential
    concerns related to the connections between the offices?                     [10 marks]
4. Design a local area network solution for the company’s head office showing the locations of all workstations and interconnecting devices, such as hubs, switches, and routers, if any are used.
    Show also the connection that provides Internet access.                    [10 marks]
5. Discuss the type of local area network wiring you would recommend and provide reasons to support your recommendation. [5 marks]
6. Discuss the type of local area network topology and protocol that you would recommend.
                                                                 [5 marks]
7. Draw a floor plan for each floor at the company’s head office. If possible, show both floor plans on one page. [15 marks]
Use the following assumptions:
· Available hubs and switches have a maximum of 24 ports.
· Some software applications and large data sets reside on departmental servers.
· To support e-mail, a server is needed.
· To support the company intranet, a server is needed.
· The company does not have an unlimited budget but is willing to invest in quality technology.
· The company does not have an unlimited budget but is willing to invest in quality technology.
8. Provides a comprehensive summary of the work done [5 marks]

Marking criteria for Assignment #2: Marks are allocated as follows:
    Section to be included in the report
    Description of the section
    Outline of the report
    WAN representation
    -     Provides a clear and well thought-out pictorial representation of the WAN as per specification
    -     Provides a clear and well thought-out pictorial representation of the design as per specification
    Design a local area network
    · Design a local area network solution for the company’s head office showing the locations of all workstations and interconnecting devices.
· Provides a concise and convincing argument for recommending the local area network wiring
    Topology and Protocol
    -     Provides a clear and convincing argument for recommending the topology and protocol
    -     Provides detailed floor plans that into consideration the given assumptions
    Provides a comprehensive summary of the work done
    Reference style     
    Follow IEEE reference style

Marking Ru
ic for Exercise Answers
    Grade Mark
    HD 80%+
    D 70%-79%
    CR 60%-69%
    Very Good
    Unsatisfactor y

    Logic is clear to follow with strong arguments
    Consistency logical and convincing
    Mostly consistent and convincing
    Adequate cohesion and conviction
    Argument is confused and disjointed
    All elements are present and well integrated.
s present with good cohesion
    Components present and mostly well integrated
    Most components present
    Lacks structure.
    Reference style
    Clear styles with excellent source of references.
    Clear referencing
    Generally good referencing/styl e
    Unclear referencing/styl e
    Lacks consistency with many e
    Report structure and report presentatio n
    Proper writing. Professionall y presented
    Properly written, with some minor deficiencies
    Mostly good, but some structure or presentation problems
    Acceptable presentation
    Poor structure, careless presentation
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Dr answered on May 25 2020
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1. Introduction
The network solution for the employee of all six offices of A
company to communicate internally and externally to other office requires the design and implementation of LAN and WAN networks. WAN is required due to fact that the one office of company 70 kilometers apart from some other offices. Inter departmental communication is possible through the WAN link between them. It is also fact that the server resources are available with each of the office but it may also be required by the employee of a office to access the server resources from the other office of the company. The main communication requirement of employees of company is email and file transfer. As per the cu
ent specification three are thee top floors of a building are used for the head office of A
company. There are three departments are under the head office such as general support, marketing and sales. The third floor is occupied by general support, second floor by marketing and first of third top floor is occupied by sales department of the company.
The design of the network like Wide Area Network to connect all six offices of company, Local area network design for head office, Wiring and cable types, specification of the topology of network specially for LAN and the floor plans for the head office LANs of general support, marketing and sales department are required to be produced for the company.
This report exclusively states all the requirements and their solution for the network design and development as per the given specification.
2. Representation of WAN
The Wide Area Network of A
Company is represented under figure 1. Each office network has a routing device which connect that office with the other office of the company in city Melbourne.
Figure 1. WAN Design Layout of A
2.1 Potential Concerns behind the connection between offices
As there are 6 different offices of the company in which one is head office. There is no direct connectivity between the offices except the head office. Thus potential concerns are as follows.
· Unauthorized access of network and server resources by hackers as WAN link is established by Public Switched Network which is open network [1].
· Data and information
eaches may occur if the security technology is not implemented co
· Link failure may occur due to intermediate node failure or shutdown due to power outage and malfunctioning.
· Data rate support may drop due to heavy load and connection failure due to congestion in Public switched network.
· Network availability can be a problem due to disconnection from office to head office through the Public switched network.
· Governance and regulatory changes also impacts the cu
ent functional aspects and requires to change the demanded aspects for long distance communication.
These are the major concerns behind the connecting the offices with head office and versa to the network of A
3. Design of LAN for Head Office.
There are three departments under the head office. These departments are general supports, marketing and sales. Each department does not require router but there is need of two switches for general support, 1 switch...

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