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[18/08, 15:31] Sp: Assessment details1. Individual Assignment: Poster Presentation of a Research Topic (30%)Recommended length: XXXXXXXXXXwords on the PosterThis assignment is focused on the...

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[18/08, 15:31] Sp: Assessment details1. Individual Assignment: Poster Presentation of a Research Topic (30%)Recommended length: XXXXXXXXXXwords on the PosterThis assignment is focused on the presentation of a research problem statement/initial topicproposal which might be used for Assessment 2 in this unit. Students should be able todemonstrate how they have arrived at this research problem statement via a short review ofan appropriate body of literature.Marking guidelines for this assignment include: Clear and explicit statement of the research problem which contributes to academicunderstanding or practical issues. Clear and succinct summation of the key literature selected for review that identifiesgaps, inconsistencies or other problems with the existing state of knowledge on theresearch topic, which will lead to a logical derivation of the research problem. Clear and explicit statement of the significance of the proposed research, bothacademically and practically to the business context. Scholarly citation and referencing (APA or Chicago).[18/08, 15:31] Sp: The topic choice will likely occur in the first and second sessions so that students can starton their assessment tasks early.Presenting research information for a diverse audience is an important way to communicateknowledge. One common way to present information at conferences is to present a poster.The aim of this assessment is to communicate the research problem statement to anaudience of peers and academics via a poster presentation. Check LMS for examples ofposter presentation templates.Please use programs such as PowerPoint to prepare a poster. The poster should be around XXXXXXXXXXwords in length. You will have three minutes to present the work in class (internalstudents) or in a video (external students). External students please submit the digital copy ofthe poster (the poster can be in PowerPoint or PDF format) and the video presentation ontoLMS (check LMS for instructions).The presentation should use language that is appropriate for a non-specialist audience andintroduce the topic and its significance both academically and practically to the businesscontext. Please see the marking guide below which outlines the content theposter/presentation should address.Poster Presentation Marking Guide (30%)Assessable components Marker’s comments WeightContent ComponentPresentation of relevant theory (i.e. key points of literature reviewed andimplications of gaps in the literature clearly stated)Logical derivation of research problem from the brief outline of literatureClear statement of the key research question(s) identifiedClear statement of the significance/contribution of the proposed researchThe poster template and correct referencing style are followed20%Presentation ComponentEye contact while presentingAmount and size of textRefrain from reading poster directly
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Sustainable Accounting
Sustainability accounting is considered a subcategory of financial accounting that focuses on disclosing non-financial information about a firm's performance to external parties such as investors, creditors, government, and other authorities. It is different from Financial Accounting as it deals with economic, social, and environmental performance in such a way those suppliers, government, employees, and customers. It is done with the help of sustainability reporting, corporate social responsibility, and non-financial reporting. The motto of sustainability accounting is 3Ps - People, Planet, and Profits. Due to changing aspects of business and environment, sustainability accounting has got a much critical angle. But the studies are still having the same knowledge gaps or literature gaps similar to the time it first came to spotlight. Considering the aspect of better sustainable accounting this paper will provide a review of the gaps in sustainable accounting.
Literature Review
Three aspects of sustainability can be considered from various angles:
Ecological factors dealing with natural resources such as water, energy, greenhouse gas, etc. also, human rights and governmental policy, financial stability, and anti-co
uption are collective considerations and global considerations that rely on stakeholder finance, financial and economic efficiency.
itt et al., studied the potential of sustainability accounting and reporting and stated that sustainable accounting and reporting growth would be more centered on management decisions (Bu
itt & Schaltegger, 2010). Managerial decision-making and knowledge raising will help improve sustainability accounting and monitoring appropriately.
Literature Review
Mitra has focused on the tradition of sustainability news in India and studied the reasons which have hindered the growth in various settings (Mitra, 2012). The major hurdle to the growth aspect was attributed to a lack of knowledge among the management and leaders in this field. There is...

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