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1100 words,
Write a feature article that analyses how one “target” (from the three options below) accounts for human dignity and the common good in the context of a specific global community that is related to your course of study at ACU.
It is a requirement that you:
1. choose a “target” from these three options only:
SDG 4 – Quality EducationLinks to an external site., o
SDG 10 – Reduced InequalitiesLinks to an external site., o
SDG 14 – Life Below WaterLinks to an external site.,
1. provide explanations of human dignity and the common good.
2. demonstrate engagement with Module 2: Sustainable Development Goals.
3. cite at least the following four resources:
A. Wolfgang Sachs, “The Sustainable Development Goals and Laudato si’: varieties of Post-Development?” Third World Quarterly  XXXXXXXXXX–2587.
B. United Nations, The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022: https:
eport/2022/Links to an external site..
C. one LEO resource (e.g., LEO book, a linked article, reading (other than the Sachs reading), a YouTube video clip, etc.) that is included in the LEO folde
tile for Module 2: Sustainable Development Goals.
D. one course of study-specific reading
esource from Module 2: Sustainable Development Goals. 
4. identify your course of study, chosen SDG, chosen target, and chosen specific global community.
5. adhere to all the ‘Assessment writing and research instructions’ as above when preparing to submit this assessment task.
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Ayan answered on Nov 28 2023
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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Understanding Human Dignity and the Common Good    3
Quality Education and Human Dignity    5
Quality Education and the Common Good    6
Engagement with Sustainable Development Goals    7
Conclusion    7
    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are essential in tackling the complex issues that communities throughout the world confront as we move toward sustainable development. SDG 4, Quality Education, is a cornerstone objective that advocates for universal access to inclusive, egalitarian, and high-quality education. This article examines how pursuing a high-quality education greatly advances the common good and upholds human dignity in a variety of multicultural societies throughout the world.
Understanding Human Dignity and the Common Good
Understanding Human Dignity –
· Inherent Worth: The term "human dignity" denotes the innate and incalculable value that each and every person possesses (Vaccari & Gardinier, 2019). It is a fundamental component of being human and is present i
espective of extrinsic variables like background, race, or socioeconomic standing.
· Autonomy Respect: Part of dignity is acknowledging and honoring a person's independence and agency. It entails respecting their freedom to choose, express who they are, and go after their goals without unwa
anted intervention or prejudice.
· Rights and Freedoms: Protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms is necessary to maintain human dignity. These rights encompass, among other things, the freedoms of life, liberty, equality, health, education, and political and cultural expression.
· Equality and Inclusivity: Human dignity promotes fairness and chances for all people. It strives for inclusiveness in all facets of society and opposes discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic class.
Understanding the Common Good –
· Collective Well-Being: The concept of collective well-being pertains to the prosperity and well-being of society as a whole. It suggests that collective welfare should take precedence above the interests of any one person and those social institutions, laws, and resources should be allocated accordingly.
· Social Justice and equality: Ensuring social justice and equality via equitable access to opportunities, resources, and services is a crucial aspect of promoting the common good (Albareda & Sison, 2020). In order to achieve a more equitable and reasonable distribution of benefits, it aims to resolve inequalities and inequities within a society.
· Community Cohesion: It highlights the value of togetherness and solidarity among communities. Fostering collaboration, empathy, and understanding amongst various groups is one way to fortify social ties and encourage a feeling of shared accountability.
· Sustainable Development: Acting in a way that takes into account the long-term welfare of both present and future generations is a...

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