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1. Why is spread spectrum transmission used. Compare and contrast two common methods used for spread spectrum transmission. [4] 2. List different components of a radio system. What are different...

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1. Why is spread spectrum transmission used. Compare and contrast two common methods used for spread spectrum transmission. [4]

2. List different components of a radio system. What are different mixers? Explain different types of Mixers with diagram? [6]

3. A local engineering group ask you to present your finding of the most recent advanced wireless technologies.
Research these technologies in details and pay specific attention to how they are used as well their strengths and weakness. Provide an opinion regarding which antenna types will become the dominant players in the future. Please submit power point slides in your answer. [6 marks]


Your task in this assessment is to prepare a response to each of the questions. Please refer to the marking guide when preparing your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess your work and your progress towards Learning Outcomes 1, 2 and 4.

Marking criteriaMarks will be given using the following criteria
  • correctness and completeness of the answers;
  • inclusion of appropriate figures, where applicable;
  • clarity of explanation;
  • correctness of spelling, grammar, and format of the submission;
  • sufficient references and use of APA referencing style
The following rubrics will be used to mark assignment 1:
QuestionHD (85%-10%)DI (75% - 84%)CR (65% - 74%)PS (50% - 64%)
Q 1 – Q 2Maximum marks
Learning Outcome 1, 2
The answer is correct, and complete. Comprehensive explanation is provided. Figures (if appropriate) were used. Appropriate examplesare used. No grammatical or spelling mistake.The answer is correct and a detailed explanation is provided. References are used. No/only a few grammatical or spelling mistakes.The answer is correct, but the explanation is not complete. Very few references are used and not formatted appropriately.The answer is correct but not complete and only adequate explanation is provided. No references are used. There are grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
Q 3Maximum marks
6Learning Outcome 4
The answer is correct, and complete. All possibilities were considered using appropriate assumptions. Comprehensive explanation is provided with appropriate reference. No grammatical or spelling mistake.The answers were correct, detailed explanation were given with the omission of few possibilities and assumptions.The answers are partly correct. only considered from one point of view.


Please write the answers in aword documentand submit it viaTurnitin. Use Times new roman/Palatino Linotype/Calibri/Cambria/Arial fonts using 10 to 12 font size.

RequirementsQuestion 1 to 3: XXXXXXXXXXwords for each question;
APA reference style should be used in the assignment. APA referencing guide can be found in
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Answer 1
The technique which is used to deliberately spread the particular bandwidth generated by any signal in frequency domain to result a wider bandwidth signal is known as spread spectrum transmission [Sakata & Ikegami, 2015]. This technique is most commonly used for implementing wireless solutions in any network like LAN or WAN. The main characteristics and primary uses of this technique are listed below:
1. Very high bandwidth compare to unvaried frequency signal can be obtained on easy bases.
2. This technology is used for developing a communication through wireless transmission for end users.
3. The frequency is varied intentionally for all transmitted signals.
4. For preventing detection in transmitted signals, the spread spectrum transmission can be used.
5. This technology provides a secure communication establishment among all connected wireless nodes.
6. For fixing the down links of communication satellites, this technology is being used.
7. For making a limitation on density of related power flux, this technology can also be used.
The diagram to show the use of this technology is graphical manner is as given below:
The FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) and DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) are the most commonly used techniques for spread spectrum transmission. The table to show comparisons and contrasts among these techniques is as given below:
    Sr. No.
    Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
    Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
    This technique makes utilization of frequency hopping.
    This technique makes utilization of pseudo noise.
    The latency time of this technique is very high.
    The latency time of this technique is very short.
    The lock-in process is slow because all channels are at-least once searched.
    The lock-in process is very fast because of radio synchronization.
    This technique takes a dwell time...

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