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1. Task Description 1.1 OverviewYou are required to read the provided Case Study document (on MySCU) and complete each of the activities and questions in the weeks advised.The answers to all...

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1. Task Description 1.1 OverviewYou are required to read the provided Case Study document (on MySCU) and complete each of the activities and questions in the weeks advised.The answers to all activities and questions are to be collected in one “Systems Requirements Report” with a title page, page numbers, table of contents, headings and all other report formatting.The purpose of the full System Requirements Report is to guide and enable your fictional client to make a rational selection from options for a proposed computer application.The Initial Investigation part of this report will include:Business Information including Organisation ChartSystem Vision DocumentProject Management ChartSimplified Risk and Cost-Benefit Analysis Feasibility AnalysisYou will be required to include other sections and models in the full Systems Requirements Report (see Part B). For example:Fact Finding DocumentsUse CasesERD and Domain Model Class DiagramsSystem Sequence DiagramsProject Management Charts with progress against tasks Conclusions and Recommendations.You will also be required to make a presentation as part of this unit (worth 20% of your marks). Your video presentation will be based on your solutions for the client and a reflection of your work for the client and your time at SCU.ISY XXXXXXXXXXSession 2 2020, Report PartA
1.2 Report submission requirementsYou are advised to use this outline as a starting point for your Table of Contents. The finalsubmission is to be formatted as a report document with page numbering, sectionheadings, and all other appropriate report formatting requirements, including executivesummary and appendices. For more details about report writing, please see: particular importance is: guides/writing_reports.pdf 1.3 Suggested completion schedule (Part A and B)0 Set up report outline, page numbers, table of contents, headings, title page etc (see Activity 9).12 System Vision Document – problem description, anticipated business benefits and system capabilities3 Work Breakdown Structure and draft Project Management Chart4 Simplified Risk and Cost/Benefit Analysis5 Data gathering activities6 Use case descriptions and diagram; activity diagrams7 ERD and Domain Model Class Diagram8 System Sequence Diagram9 Update Part A according to feedback, and finish report.Prepare Oral presentation1.6 Software XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXSection of Report Complete during week Business Information: name and short background information on organisation, simple Organisation Chart showing overallstructure of business. Description of area of the organisation 3 HAND IN PART A AT END OF WEEK XXXXXXXXXXHAND IN PART B: Final Report AT END OF WEEK 12 ORAL PRESENTATION You are required to use appropriate computer software packages to produce output for many of the above techniques. This approach should assist you with the inevitable changes that you (or another analyst, in a real-life system) will need to make, and also gives a better quality and hence more readable result. Hand-drawn diagrams are not suitable for this project.2. Marking CriteriaYou should refer to the rubric available on the website for marking criteria and each section should be of sufficient length to adequately describe that section.ISY XXXXXXXXXXSession 2 2020, Report PartA
3. Submission FormatYou will be required to check this assignment through Turnitin on MySCU. Please leave adequate time to review your assignment for originality, through the Turnitin process. Your Part A and Final Report assignment submissions should each be in the form of ONE Microsoft Word document, including the cover sheet. You should include your diagrams in this Word document, as clear graphics. Note: any graphics that cannot be clearly seen will NOT be marked. Your Word document should be named as: YourLastname_FirstIinitial_PartA.doc (or docx). For example, my submission would be named Alaei_A_PartA.doc or Alaei_A_PartA.docx.4. More informationIf you need more information about completing this assignment, then you should contact your local lecturer or tutor.5. Original workYour assignment must be your original work. Please ensure that you read: downloads/as-academic-integrity-guides/Student-Academic-Misconduct-an-Introduction.pdfAssignments form a major part of course work. Exchange of ideas with other people can be considered educationally valuable; however, excessive collaboration will be regarded as plagiarism, which is a University offence. For example, the copying of significant parts of a document, even if subsequently modified, is plagiarism. Such academic dishonesty will be penalised in accordance with the University's rules and regulations. This means that you may fail the course or worse, lose your degree!You must not copy material from books, magazines, internet sources or other students’ assignments. Of course, you may include direct quotes from any source, but these must be small (e.g. one sentence or one paragraph) and must be properly referenced, using the Harvard Referencing Style. The value and relevance of including materials from another source must be fully explained. You should only be using the course resources for the completion of your assignments. Website references identifying off-the-shelf solutions for your case study are an example of acceptable references for this course that are outside of the course resources. If plagiarism is found in your assignment, you may receive zero marks for this assignment. The assessment process may require some students to attend an interview in order to explain aspects of their assignment.6. Problems to avoidStart early to allow sufficient time for thorough analysis, report writing and production of many analysis diagrams.Do not copy materials from any source, unless referenced. Explain the value and significance of any external materials. Copying and pasting and “sham” or incorrect referencing are forms of academic misconduct. ISY XXXXXXXXXXSession 2 2020, Report PartA
7. IdentificationTo clearly identify your work, ensure the following information appears in the footer of your report: Student ID, Unit code (ISY81001), Session and year (Session 2, XXXXXXXXXXRetain duplicate copyYou are strongly advised to retain a copy of original work, and progressive versions of your work during the session. In the event of any uncertainty regarding the submission of assessment items, you may be requested to reproduce a final copy and/or any previous versions of your work.9. Penalty for late submissionA penalty of 5% per calendar day will be applied to all late assignments.An extension of time will only be considered (not necessarily approved) when a written request is submitted with appropriate supporting documentation and in accordance with University guidelines.10. Marks and FeedbackMarks and feedback comments will be returned through your MySCU site for this unit.
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Title of the assignment:
Student’s name:
Student ID:
Professor’s name:
Course title:
Date: 8/16/2020
Table of Contents
1.    Background, description and organizational chart    3
2.    System vision document: Description of problem, benefits and obtained capabilities    4
3.    WBS and PM chart    6
4.    Risk and cost
enefit analysis    7
5.    Activities to collect data    8
6.    Use case and activity diagrams with description    9
7.    DMCD and ERD with explanation    13
8.    Sequence diagrams with description    15
9.    Conclusion    17
10.    References:    18
1. Background, description and organizational chart
The 100% Organic Co. is an organic farm based company and Mr. Richard Gherke has developed this farm initially for his passion. The developed organic food by Mr. Richard Gherke is sell through the phone based orders from different customers. Some of the customers makes their orders and not visits the fame for picking them. It is heavy loss to him. Customers also chat with him for placing the orders and it is time consuming process for him. The increased popularity of Mr. Richard farm requires to develop a proper platform on which each customer can easily check the available items and can place their orders. A customer book is being maintained by Mr. Richard for handling the orders and manual entries are maintained in this customer book. Mrs. Ardell who is mother of Mr. Richard helps in handling the business activities of his farm. Mrs. Ardell is requesting the IT system so that orders, bills and other details of customer can be managed easily. Donna, Connie, Christine and Christopher helps Mrs. Ardell for managing the customer orders. This organic farm provides a discount of 20% to its regular customers. Mrs. Ardell get help from Betty and Phil for management of accounts. The pickup and drop facility for finished organic food is maintained by Mr. Bill and Mr. William. Sally, Mike, Nick and Nathan helps Mr. Richard for management of production for the farm. Wilma, Berney and Fred helps Mr. Richard to manage the machineries. The complete marketing management for this organic farm is done by Mr. Joe who is son of Mr. Richard. Based on the above description and problem statements following organizational chart is being developed:
The complete operations of 100% Organic Co. can be defined with the above supplied organizational chart. The flow of operations and other controls are defined properly through the presented organizational chart.
2. System vision document: Description of problem, benefits and obtained capabilities
The idea of 100% Organic Co. is very effective as most of the persons are very health conscious and wants organic food directly from farm. After reading provided case study of 100% Organic Co. following main problems are identified and listed below:
· This 100% Organic Co. is maintaining handbook for maintaining the orders but use of handbooks creates issues in order management.
· The manual accounts tracking is also done at 100% Organic Co. and the account management team is also facing issues related to payment tracking.
· All the orders placed to 100% Organic Co. are done with phone and chat which is very time consuming and critical process.
· Most of the customers are not aware of the seasonal vegetables, so, unnecessary orders are being placed. Thus, providing explanation to such customers is very critical.
· As hand book based customer management is done so any identification of regular customers is not possible. It also gives 20% discount to regular customers, and only phone based identification of regular customers is not possible.
This newly proposed system to 100% Organic Co. will
ing different benefits and primary benefits to this organic farm from this new system implementation are:
· The 100% Organic Co. can easily take the orders and can also show the available items to customers for avoiding unnecessary orders.
· In some cases, it is possible that the phone line is busy taking orders and any other customer is making call to place order, so, platform based system will be beneficial.
· The existing system of 100% Organic Co. can only process cash payments but new system will provide abilities of online payment.
· The new system will remove the...

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