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AIS/ERP Solution
AIS/ERP Solution
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Executive Summary
In business world organizations, business software plays significant role in supporting businesses and their activities to improve business productivity and efficiency. Although commercial software can
ing benefits, it also has a major impact on the company when it decides to implement different types of commercial software. This article discusses the role and purpose of the Enterprise Resource Planning system or Accounting Information System. In addition, this article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of companies that implement ERP systems. This report highlights ERP implementation in CODAN which is a manufacturing organization.
CODAN Manufacturing Organization    4
Introduction    4
Business Process    4
Business Requirements    6
System Requirements for ERP development    7
Software and vendor selection for the CODAN regarding ERP    8
Ways to improve the overall functionalities of the organization    9
Level of efficacy    10
Security risks of CODAN in implementation of ERP System    11
Strategies developed in the mitigation of the risks for implementation of ERP    13
Conclusion    14
References    15
CODAN Manufacturing Organization
Enterprise Resource Planning is business process administration software which allows organizations to automate the usage of integrated application systems and automate back-up tasks related to services, technology, as well as human resources so that they can manage their business. The ERP software integrates all aspects of operation, especially in databases, applications and user interfaces, including product planning, production, development, and sales and marketing. ERP software is called an enterprise application. This software is designed for large businesses, and usually requires a dedicated team to customize as well as to examine the data and handle improvements and deployment (Lech, 2016). On the contrary, small-business ERP based applications are light management software solutions that are usually made for a particular business or vertical business. The study focused on ERP implementation in CODAN so that operations and other activities could be performed better and smoothly. Obviously, CODAN should invest a huge amount of money for the upgrade and maintenance of ERP systems so that the system can effectively and efficiently achieve the company's long-term growth and sustainable development. This research is mainly concentrated in the manufacturing industry, and the company employed by the institute is CODAN. CODAN is actually manufacturing and providing technology-leading solutions that are very useful for providing security and security for the different technologies they like. So CODAN went into manufacturing.
Business Process
In a cu
ent situation, every business organization wants to gain some technical access, so that they can do different operations efficiently and effectively. In this case, the essence of the ERP system has been discussed in the business process and important discussions. The ERP system can be called an enterprise resource plan. Through this process, various institutional activities can be studied in a very effective and effective manner. This article focuses on how ERP systems help in operating their business. Analysts have found that most business organizations want this facility. Most importantly, this new technological advancement will not be confined to any area or professional district. It can be applied on various business operations and domains. For example, in this case, the business operation of the coding has been considered for the purpose of the analysis. As the organization has long been providing new technical solutions, CODAN can be put into the manufacturing area. They have different services that can improve their business potential and capabilities. The organization has been providing services for metal detection, radio communications, etc. As a technology development company, CODAN has now discovered the importance of the ERP system for its internal purposes. The organization has a large consumer base, and recently they have found it difficult to manage their sales history and provide services. For this reason, the importance of this technology-based system in an organization's place can be easily understood (Maddison Wa
en, 2016). It can be assumed that if CODAN uses ERP systems, they can easily or smotthly monitors the work of staff members and employees. Then again, employees can upload products to the portal and notify the administrator. With the help of this process, sales and valuation of company as well as customer databases can be retained in the private sector. In general, through this process, CODAN’s respective management team can gain huge benefits through this process. The development of this technology will increase the commercial importance and prospects. This article will mainly introduce the implementation of ERP systems in their respective organization codes.
Business Requirements
As discussed in the previous section, this article mainly describes the organization CODAN, which has been in the technical manufacturing field for a long time. After analysis, it is found that each organization has a strong
and ratio in this area and provides customers with high-quality technical solutions. They have a reputation for global technology products. Different technical users from different departments at home and a
oad use their services. According to them, the service quality has reached the standard. Through the overall discussion, you can understand the overall
and value of the organization. Brands play an important role in enhancing business value (Amini and Sadat Safavi, 2013). The recent rapid growth in the customer base has caused the organization to be in some trouble because they found it difficult to track feedback from all customers. On the other hand, customers are domestic and global terminals who share different queries by phone or email. For this reason, tracking all emails and calls to resolve customer feedback is very difficult. For this reason, the importance of ERP has been found in the workplace. With customer feedback, project progress report tracking and employee functions are also required. At present, a project team leader is responsible for monitoring all these situations, but sometimes he cannot check the quality of each service. Basically, the organization administrator wants to directly intervene in the product development stage. For this reason, CODAN needs a service that can solve all these problems (Jenko and Roblek, 2016). In this special case, ERP will be the safest and best solution for each organization. Through this process, CODAN can track various operations in an efficient and organized manner. In addition to all these issues, another big issue is related to tracking financial conditions. Due to poor sales tracking issues, the organization is increasingly facing difficulties, which seriously affects the overall financial status of the organization. Through the ERP system, processes can also benefit...

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