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(1) “Health information management professionals are responsible for the quality integrity and protection of patient health information.” It is vital for a clinic or hospital to hire a health...

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(1) “Health information management professionals are responsible for the quality integrity and protection of patient health information.” It is vital for a clinic or hospital to hire a health information manager in order to protect a patient’s private information. During these modern times we have been using advanced technology in order to store and keep sensitive data. We have been gradually shifting from the old system of storing information via paper and now storing them electronically. This data is known as electronic health records and could contain a patient’s privateinformationsuch as their Social Security number, address, birthday, past health records and diagnoses which can unfortunately be hacked. This sensitive information can then be accessible to the public.

Having a designated person helps to ensure privacy of patient records. One of the responsibilities of a health information manager (HIM) is implementinghow to maintain thelatest privacy standards according to state and federal laws. They make sure that all departments are aware of what should be expected when it comes to protecting personal information of patients and those who do not comply will be held accountable for not maintaining the standard. This can help narrow down on possible breaches. A HIM on staff allows for the physicians and other healthcare workers to focus on their job in order to provide proper care to patients.

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Many times in life, there are certain things that need organization and sometimes protection from prying eyes; however, health data management is more delicate because health information deals with patient files of their medical history. Hence, these documents contain sensitive and vital information pertaining to the patient. Therefore, all medical history on patients is confidential and any unlawful trespass on this information is illegal as well as immoral (Health Human Services, 2020).

Otherwise known as The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) expects Congress to pass government measures for the privacy of patient wellbeing data by August 1999 (Law Medical Privacy, ND). Likely, patient information is confidential and should only be accessible for healthcare purposes in aid of the patient and to give doctors needed guidance in their treatment.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the pattern set of government guidelines overseeing clinical data. It completes three things:

  1. Makes a composition for how close to home wellbeing data might be unveiled and sets up the rights people have in reference to their wellbeing data.
  2. Puts together security norms for keeping up and transmitting electronic patient data.
  3. Needs a typical configuration and information construct for the digital trade of wellbeing data (Para. 3).

Moreover, a health care clinic or hospital requires a special manager to take care of all this health data in order to maintain doctor / patient confidentiality. Finally, by having a specific manager to oversee the patientś health files, all important and private documents are protected.


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(Law Medical Privacy, ND). The law and medical privacy.

Kindly answer from your own personal opinion! This is number (1) and (2), and each only for 125 words each thank you!

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Sunabh answered on Jun 12 2021
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I agree that health information management (HIM) professionals are responsible for maintaining the integrity as well as protection of patient. I can say this on behalf of my personal experience of observing my relative who works as a HIM professional at a reputed hospital in neighborhood. This is majorly because protecting physical files with patient’s confidential information could be a difficult task rather, HIM allows storing the information electronically, which cannot only be well managed but also has better security options (Abdelhak, Grostick & Hanken, 2014). Further, I agree that HIM managers are required to abide by state...

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