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1. Articulate and apply the concepts and processes of Design Thinking. 2. Identify and evaluate complex educational problems. 3. Apply high-level research and communication skills to investigate,...

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1. Articulate and apply the concepts and processes of Design Thinking. 2. Identify and evaluate complex educational problems. 3. Apply high-level research and communication skills to investigate, synthesise, and analyse information from multiple perspectives (including users and scholarship)
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Post related to Empathy
Is empathy a primary requirement in design thinking?
Design thinking is gaining importance as it can solve any complex problems easily and it is essential for developing an innovative solution. Empathy is the primary and fundamental requirement for design thinking. The design thinker should understand about the growing issue in the education industry and poor students’ interest towards education. Without having empathy how a designer thinker can understand the problem of the student. At surface level students are not interested but at root level education system is ca
ying problem which is not being addressed for decades.
The concept of empathy requires the designer or the manager to listen and should take more initiative in understanding the issue. Without understanding a designer cannot solve any complexity involved in the process. Cu
ently, the education industry is facing more trouble in teaching effectively to more children and unable to reach to more children.
As per (Matthews & Wringley, 2017) there is a requirement to make use of empathetic approach in understanding about the issues. Understanding the issue from the customer point of view can only make the designer to understand the problem. A real-world understanding about the education problem is essential. Empathy concerns have certain attributes, and people should have them to ensure that they are comforting their customer to explain all the education problem clearly with all the complexities. Using empathy one can understand how important it is to understand the concepts of education by the children.
The main reason for empathy gaining such importance is that it addresses the two main aspects they are cognitive and emotional. In case of an educational problem, it demands the design thinker to technically use empathy to obtain all required information to form the best solution. The required information about the cu
ent education system is mandatory to analyze the gap between the cu
ent situation and expected future. It is, in other words, viewing the problem of others as their problem before designing the solution. It makes empathy to obtain a primary status in design thinking process.
Different ways to use empathy in design thinking
As mentioned in earlier post empathy is essential for design thinking similarly, various techniques can be used for determining more information and designing the best solution for the problems by the designer. In this case besides assuming the problem of the customer as own provide an understanding of the problem is essential as it affects the future generation. Cognitive empathy is required to develop a creative solution to the education problem. In this discussion, a table depicting the theoretical perspective and the approach of empathy needed as per the education problem is provided. It provides a deeper understanding how different empathy should be used.
Source: (Gasparini, 2015, p. 51)
The above table indicates as for how empathy should be used and the essential core concepts to be implemented for performing the analysis. Emotional and cognitive are two major types of empathy to be used by the design thinker. But in most of...

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