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· HCM-550 Healthcare Management class In In this paper, please integrate information and insights from (a) the focal organization (CVS pharmacy) (b) the textbook, (c) at least three scholarly...

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HCM-550 Healthcare Management class

In In this paper, please integrate information and insights from (a) the focal organization (CVS pharmacy) (b) the textbook, (c) at least three scholarly publications, and (d) at least one other professional website in order to inform your analysis and recommendations.

Pretend you worked at CVS Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.


How are the departments or other work units structured?


How well did departments collaborate to perform the work of the organization?


In what ways did the organization function smoothly and efficiently?


In what areas did the organization have problems in coordination and communication? What was causing these coordination and communication issues? How did these problems impact organizational performance?


What are your specific recommendations for organization design and coordination of work in order to improve the coordination and communication issues?

Organize paper with the following outline below:


Departments Structure

Collaboration within Departments

Ways in Which the Organization Ran Smoothly & Efficiently

Problems in Coordination & Communication

Root Causes of issues

Impact Problems had on Organizational Performance

Recommendations to Improve Coordination and Communication Issues


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Dipali answered on May 22 2023
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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Department Structure    3
Collaboration within Departments    4
Smooth and Efficient Functioning    4
Coordination and Communication Issues    5
Root Causes of Issues    5
Impact on Organizational Performance    5
Recommendations for Improvement    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
This essay tries to examine CVS Pharmacy's organizational structure, coordination, and communication from a pharmacy technician's point of view. The analysis will include data and insights from a variety of sources, including the textbook, academic journals, CVS Pharmacy, professional websites, and the focus organization. A well-known healthcare company, CVS Pharmacy, has several pharmacies and retail locations around the country. Finding opportunities for improvement requires a thorough understanding of the departments' organizational structure, the interactions between various units, and the organization's general operation.
This essay will examine CVS Pharmacy's organizational structure, outlining the important divisions and their functions. It will evaluate the degree of cooperation between various divisions, with an emphasis on how well they cooperate to meet the objectives of the company. The report will also examine the effectiveness and efficiency of CVS Pharmacy's operations as well as the elements that make it successful. However, every organization has difficulties. Additionally, this investigation will look into CVS Pharmacy's coordination and communication problems, as well as their underlying causes and effects on organizational performance. The article will conclude by offering concrete suggestions for enhancing collaboration and communication, enabling CVS Pharmacy to raise its operational effectiveness and efficiency.
Department Structure
The departments or work units of CVS Pharmacy are organized to enable effective operations and service delivery. The organization normally comprises of a number of important divisions, including the pharmacy, front store, and administration. The pharmacy department is in charge of monitoring prescription orders, providing patient counseling, and distributing prescriptions. The front store department is in charge of managing all aspects of retail, including customer service and inventory management (Newman et al., 2019). The administrative division is in charge of managing the budget, the finances, and the human resources.
Collaboration within Departments
To offer complete healthcare services, CVS Pharmacy must work together with other departments. For smooth fusion of retail and pharmaceutical operations, the pharmacy department works closely with the front store department. For instance, pharmacy technicians collaborate with front-of-store employees to monitor inventory, respond to client questions, and complete transactions. Additionally, coordination of scheduling, resource management for employees, and upholding compliance with rules and standards depend on cooperation between the administrative department and the pharmaceutical department (Fa
is et al., 2019).
Smooth and Efficient Functioning

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