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Your workplace has decided to organise an awareness session as part of their Reconciliation Week celebrations, focussing on the achievement of social justice for Indigenous Australians. You have been...

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Your workplace has decided to organise an awareness session as part of their Reconciliation Week celebrations, focussing on the achievement of social justice for Indigenous Australians. You have been asked to write a Research Report based on your Background Briefing.

Your task is to write a 1500 word report which outlines historical socio-economic and political policies and practices since colonisation which have impacted upon Indigenous Australians. It also will outline the ideological processes which underpinned these policies and practices. You will include information on the benefits of culturally competent practice. You will use the Background Briefing within the Report.

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The Indigenous Australians or better known as Aboriginal Australians are the people who Australia who were the descendants of the original settlers of Australia and nea
y islands. They were the people to occupy land prior to the colonization by the British. These people were tribal folks who lived a nomadic lifestyle. Just as nomads do they also, moved in search of food, water and shelter. Their weapons that they used to catch different types of fish and animals were majorly made of wood, shell and bones. Unlike proper settlers these people did not settle on any single place. They used up the resources of one place and when they thought the time was right they moved to the next place. This enabled them to extract the best from a particular place and then move on to other better places till they could utilize that places natural resources.
The process of British colonization of Australia which began in the year 1791 with George Vancouver claiming lands in the Western part of Australia under the name of King George III. The early exchange that took place was cordial but tensions began to arise later when the aboriginal people realized that their way of living is getting disrupted by the Britishers. In the early exchanges the Britishers gave them gifts and food and that helped create a trust between the aboriginal people and the Britishers. In turn the Britishers took their lands and established settlements for themselves and eventually began their way of life. This was fine for a while but soon the problems arose. The Britishers in their approach were interfering with the aboriginal way of life and that was not acceptable to them. This created a lot of tension between the 2 groups. The governors in the future tried their best to try and civilize these folks but that further created tension and that caused a lot of death for the aboriginal people due to constant fighting with the British colonizers.
The Britishers were initially trying to civilize these folks by trying to provide school for education of the children, helping the parents learn about farming and trying to get them settled. But all this backfired when the aboriginal folks thought that they are trying to change their way of life and make them like the Britishers. They therefore revolted which led to loss of life on both ends but it was difficult for the aboriginal people to recover from that as they lacked proper medical assistance. They did not have the proper capacity or the medicines to help them wage a war against the Britishers. The Britishers on the other hand were fully equipped with modern day medicine and war fare means. They were able to overpower the aboriginal people on multiple occasions as the war fought by the aboriginal people was using stones and weapons made from bones etc. whereas the Britishers had better and technologically advanced weaponry. (Hugo, 2018) This led to major reduction in their population and till 1900 the population of the aboriginal people was reduced to a mere handful and they were becoming insignificant in numbers for the Britishers to even care. They reduced to 90% of their population...

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