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Use theInstructions for Case Analysesto craft a response to this case, articulating the main issues and ethical dilemma. Review the assessment criteria below before you begin writing. Topic:Corporate...

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Use theInstructions for Case Analysesto craft a response to this case, articulating the main issues and ethical dilemma. Review the assessment criteria below before you begin writing.

Topic:Corporate Social Responsibility

People Involved:

  • Bob, President
  • John, Chemical Engineer
  • Henry, Controller
  • Kirk, Assistant Controller

Kirk is a bright individual who is being groomed for the Controller’s position in a medium-sized manufacturing firm. After his first year as Assistant Controller, the officers of the firm were starting to include him in major company functions. For instance, today he was attending the monthly financial statement summary given at a prestigious consulting firm. During the meeting, Kirk was intrigued at how all the financial data he had been accumulating was transformed by the consultant into revealing charts and graphs.

Kirk was generally optimistic about the session and the company’s future until the consultant started talking about the new manufacturing plant the company was adding to the current location and the costs per unit of the chemically plated products it produced. At that time, Bob (the President) and John (the chemical engineer) started talking about waste treatment and disposal problems. John mentioned that the current waste facilities were not adequate to handle the waste products that would be created by the “ultramodern” new plant in a manner that would meet the industry's fairly high standards, although they could still comply with federal standards. Kirk’s boss, Henry, noted that the estimated cost per unit would be increased if the waste treatment facilities were upgraded according to recent industry standards.

While industry standards are presently more stringent than federal regulations, environmentalists are strongly pressuring for more stringent regulations at the federal level. Bob mentioned that since their closest competitor did not have the waste treatment facilities that already existed at their firm, he was not in favor of further expenditure in this area. Most managers at this meeting resoundingly agreed with Bob, and business continued on to another topic.

Kirk did not hear a word during the rest of the meeting. He kept wondering how the company could possibly have such a casual attitude toward the environment. Yet he did not know if, how, or when he could share his opinion. Soon he started reflecting on whether this was the right firm for him.

What should Kirk do?

Putting Corporate Responsibility first, but recognizing the politics at play, what is the most ethical thing to do?

The most practical?

What strategy would you suggest to Kirk if he came to you for advice?



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Jose answered on Feb 13 2022
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Facts of the Case
It is the duty of the company to protect the environment and people. While analyzing the case we can understand that Krik who is working as controller got a chance to involve in major decisions taken by the company. During the monthly financial statement summary meeting he understand that the company is not giving importance for improving the waste treatment facilities and operations. He was dissatisfied with the decision taken by the top managers and he want to do something for making change in the cu
ent decision taken by the top managers.
Ethical Issues
It is the duty of the business organization to protect the environment from all the hazards. The companies are using the resources available in the environment for making the money. From the case it is clear that the managers are not ready for investing fund for improving the waste management system. They stated that the competitor is not having such system, therefore it is not required for the company. From this we can understand that the company is not giving importance to the needs of the society and environment. They are also not considering the needs of future generation...

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