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SRS Example
[SnB Stone StoreSaturday, August 11, 2018]
Snb Stone, sydney building material Company has no supporting system for the client online buy stones, ma
les and tiles. All the stones, ma
les and tiles information handled manually. The duration of particular entries is in particular time or places. Communication between Client and any company staff is done by face to face.The website for SnB stone company is a good option for customer and company as that customer easily will tracking order and company would be easily check and promptly resolve issue generated by customer. On this SnB stone store website, user can see all type of Stones, ma
les and tiles from kitchen type, bathroom types and many more according to requirement Stones, ma
les and tiles. This Stones, ma
les and tiles website will also have Stones, ma
les and tiles, categorized by type and also provide detail about stones, ma
les and tiles. This website will provide detail for wide range of global Stones, ma
les and tiles users.
(i) What effect do inventory monitoring and information management have on SnB Store Company?
(ii) What is the effectiveness of demand forecasting on SnB store company turnover performance?
(iii) What effects do inventory information management have on demand forecasting of SnB stone (iv) Do you recalculate safety stock levels on a regular basis to ensure they are up to date?
(v) Who determines the optimal frequency for producing or ordering products?
Inventory means stock. We manage the stock in inventory management. Inventories are an categorize as a cu
ent assets. Stock will sold within the year or during a firm’s normal operating cycle. Inventories work as a valuable cu
ent assets. Inventory control means managing the inventory that is already in one’s warehouse.
Inventory planning includes all the things when to order items and forecast demand and supply.
In inventory monitoring we use three method FIFO ,LIFO and Average cost .
The choice of the method to use is therefore dependent on how a company wishes to reflect their inventory in its Products of accounts. The inventory control main motive is manage the receiving the product, storage, cycle order processing, counting and dispatching to customers. The main purpose of inventory management is company supplied the material in right time right place.
We are focuses on two main technique of that will effect on any system is Inventory monitoring and Inventory information management.
We monitor the all the things like that inventory planning involves the follow up day by day activity and evaluate it.
An effective inventory monitoring system is a power of management. The right information about inventory is very beneficial in times of sales decrease and increase it in times of demand resulting in high returns on investment.
The customer service level takes only those stocked item that are using only warehouse inventory and excludes non stock items. Customer service should be monitored frequently. we need to ensure that the right products are purchased at the right time for right quality and delivered in right quantities. The company would be time to time takes care of policies that regarding the inventory costs and turnover that will be help to balance to company financial gain and reputation.
The literature studies shown that an effective inventory and customer monitoring management system will effect on company turnover performance and growth.
Project Plan
The project plan according to requirement will be finish in 3 weeks and propose model will be spiral model .We discussed the project requirement from our sponsor and for investigation technique is questionnaire and that would prepared according to research...

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