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Critical Review of an Asian-Pacific Engineering Leader – Reflection on traits, styles and innovation
First A. Author, Second B. Author, Jr., and Third C. Author, Member, IEEE
Abstract (The report is about the leadership profiling of Satya Nadella, the engineering leader from Asia. He was born and
ought up from Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India. He is an Electrical Engineer at his graduation level and a computer science engineering postgraduate. The report profiles his leadership traits, his style of doing and leading things as well will discuss about the innovations he usually bothers of. His exceptional qualities of leadership and challenge taking nature enabled him to rose to the top leadership position in Microsoft. He always bothers about doing things big and he used to say that the approach taught in electrical engineering has provided him the necessary skills and attitude to do things perfectly and to achieve the best. His personality traits, leadership traits, styles and innovation as a character are presented in this report. )
Index Terms—Personality, Innovation, Leadership traits, leadership styles
By Making SatyaNadella as his CEO, Microsoft has moved away from its tradition of selecting a person with business background for its top leadership position. SatyaNadella is a person with extensive engineering background and engineering profile, he is selected for the CEO position of the organization following the vacuum created with the completion of the tenure of Steve Ballmer as CEO for Microsoft. He has background in engineering both academically and professionally. SatyaNadella has achieved what the company expected from him and stayed upto the stamdards of the company[1]. The transition from business back grounded professionals to engineering back grounded professional has proved to be the right step by Microsoft. Google also taken up similar change and this indicates the change in paradigm in top management[2]. Within the short time of reigning powers, SatyaNadella has changed both the business strategy as well as the culture of the organization. The following part of the report will discusses the traits and styles of him. Also there is detailed discussion on the type of innovation which SatyaNadella played as a leader of the organization.
II. Traits Styles and Innovation
A. Traits
Though Emotionality is not very key factor that decides the success of a business leader in a position like CEO, SatyaNadella's chief leadership trait is emotionality. Satya rightly uses his emotional power to influence his peers and employees. Emotionality of Satya often manifests into power of influence. Satya perfectly used this power to influence his people and motivate them. Intellect follows the next personality trait of Satya. Before taking an action with heart, he also employs his head and takes decision, perhaps engineering attitude shaped him to use this talent to take up decisions. He uses his intellect both to manage the people as well to manage his strategic planning. Co-operation is another important personality characteristic of Satya[3], he never showed any type of hypocracy as well has never used any type of reservations in showing his altruism towards his people. Further keen observations of Satya personality traits were commented by...

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