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Title: Play report 1500 words write a report that outlines the value of socio-dramatic play in the 3-5-year-old pre-school setting. 1.imagine you are a lead teacher and have been asked by the...

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Title: Play report

1500 words

write a report thatoutlines the value of socio-dramatic play in the 3-5-year-old pre-school setting.

1.imagine you are a lead teacher and have been asked by the pre-school director to write this report to inform your colleagues, and future staff members, about the value of play in the educational setting.

2.This report will discuss the importance of socio-dramatic play with specific focus on how it supports children’s learning. 3

3how teachers plan and support children’s socio-dramatic play.

4To express how socio-dramatic play is understood in your pre-school you can choose to include several elements such as: superhero play, gender, collaborative learning, language, rough and tumble play, popular culture play, imagination etc. These elements will help you show the significance of this play to colleagues.

5This report will include an example of your inclusion of socio-dramatic play (hypothetical) in your curriculum that used children’s ideas and interests to plan and design this learning experience.

6This part of the report will include how feedback, teaching strategies and differentiation is practiced in response to learners and aspects of play. You will include examples of what the socio-dramatic play looked like using diagrams/drawings/photos to illustrate your report.

7This socio-dramatic play example may be located in the preschool inside or outside environment.

This work will need to be supported by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (DET, 2016) and other research/literature.


1.Introduction – XXXXXXXXXXwords

2.Discussion XXXXXXXXXXwords

3.Conclusion – XXXXXXXXXXwords

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Importance of Socio-Dramatic Play    3
Supportive Role of Socio-Dramatic Play Concerning Children’s learning    3
Role of Teachers in Planning and Supporting Socio-Dramatic Play    4
Example of Included Socio-Dramatic Play and Feedback, Teaching Strategies and Differentiation    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
Learning for children in pre-school can be facilitated through different modes and socio-dramatic plays are one of them. A socio-dramatic play is basically where children     act out imaginary situations as well stories, which could be fictional or real life based. These plays provide children with the ability to become and act like different characters in different locations and times. This play report would emphasise upon the importance of socio-dramatic play in pre-school. Further, efforts would be made to present the learning aspects associated with socio-dramatic play along with the example of socio-dramatic play from the cu
Importance of Socio-Dramatic Play
    It would be essential to understand that children are attracted towards new and creative ways to explore new worlds and create new activities. Socio-dramatic play allows children to explore as well as create new learning environment for them. This is majorly because of the fact that these plays tends to extend the power as well as utility of literature through communication and other modes.
In other words, socio-dramatic plays can allow children to understand real life concepts or even fictional literature by being a part of it (Banerjee, Alsalman & Alqafari, 2016). Children can take various roles or characters in order to act out based upon respective scenarios as well as stories. Further, assigning children with roles where they have to perform or act like someone else or pretend to be someone else such as a superhero or a super villain simply allows them to
eak the ba
iers of reality and understand society through natural and serious learning.
Supportive Role of Socio-Dramatic Play Concerning Children’s learning
    Children in pre-school are highly flexible as well as fragile with respect to their communication and cognitive skills. Therefore, they understand more...

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