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The problems that are to be solved in excel are attached.

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The problems that are to be solved in excel are attached.
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Mohammad Wasif answered on Dec 15 2021
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    Problem 1. Par, Inc. is a small manufacturer of golf equipment. They decided to move into the market of standard and deluxe golf bags. Par's distributor has agreed to buy all the golf bags Par produces over the next three months. The manufacturing department determined that each golf bag produced will require the following operations:
1. Cutting and dyeing the material
2. Sewing
3. Finishing (inserting um
ella holders, club separators, etc.)
4. Inspection and packaging
The production time requirement (in hours) and the available time in the next three weeks (also in hours) for each type of operation are presented in the template below.
The profit per a standard bag is $10.00 and for each deluxe bag is $9.00.
Develop a model to determine the number of standard bags and the number of deluxe bags to produce in order to maximize total profit with the condition that number of standard bags produced should be at least twice as much as number of deluxe bags produced.
        Production Time (Hours)
    Operation    Standard    Deluxe
    Cutting and Dyeing    0.700    1.000
    Sewing    0.500    0.833
    Finishing    1.000    0.667
    Inspection and Packaging    0.100    0.250
    Profit Per Bag    $10.00    $9.00
        Standard    Deluxe
    Bags Produced    540.0    252.0
    Operation    Hours Used        Hours Available
    Cutting and Dyeing    630.00    <=    630
    Sewing    480.00    <=    600
    Finishing    708.00    <=    708
    Inspection and Packaging    117.00    <=    135
    Total Profit    7668.00
    Problem 2. Wheat is harvested at farms in Ne
aska and Colorado before being shipped to the three grain elevators in Kansas City, Omaha, and Des Moines. The amount of wheat harvested at each farm is 320 tons. The wheat is then shipped from grain elevators to the mills in Chicago, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. Each mill demands the following number of tons of wheat:
Chicago - 200, St. Louis - 100, and Cincinnati - 300. The unit shipping cost (i.e., cost per ton) between points are given in the table below. The maximum capacities of the three grain elevators are: Kansas City - 160, Omaha - 185, Des Moines - 285.
Create a model to determine the best shipment plan, which meets all requirements and minimizes the total shipment cost.
        Chicago    St. Louis    Cincinnati    Supply
    Kansas City    6    8    10    150
    Omaha    7    11    11    175
    Des Moines    4    5    12    275
    Demand    200    100    300
        Chicago    St. Louis    Cincinnati    Supply    Capacity
    Kansas City    0    0    150    150    150
    Omaha    25    0    150    175    175
    Des Moines    175    100    0    275    275
    Demand    200    100    300
    Requirements    200    100    300
    Total    4525
    Problem 3. Probability and Probability Distributions
    a)The figure shows a box with 8 letters. Some letters are repeated. Suppose 4 letters are drawn at random from the box one-by-one without replacement.
What is the probability of the outcome HULU, with the letters chosen in exactly the order given?                                    b) The statistical analysis of the long-distance calls made from the headquarters of the Bricks and Clicks Computer Corporation indicates that the length of calls is normally distributed with µ = 228 seconds and σ = 37 seconds. What is the probability that a randomly selected call lasts:

a) more than 205 seconds?
b) no more than 184 second?
c) exactly 192 seconds?
d) between 183 and...

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