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The objectives of the debate paper are for students to engage with at least two different ideologies on a current debate topic. A list of potential topics is given below and from there, the students...

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The objectives of the debate paper are for students to engage with at least two different ideologies on a current debate topic. A list of potential topics is given below and from there, the students have to choose two different ideologies to assess this topic. For example: legalizing all types of drugs and two ideologies to look at this topic could be conservatism and multiculturalism.


Is death penalty justifiable?

Pick ideologies

Once you have chosen your topic, you need to do some research! What information can you find on this topic? Also, you will need to identify two ideologies (it can be variants of ideologies) to analyze (or, if you prefer, from which you will answer the question raised by the topic). It can be

any two ideologies, just make sure when you choose them that you can relate them to the topic (through the core themes or values of the ideology, for example).

Debate paper

Now that you have chosen your topic and ideologies, you have to write a 4-5 pages paper (double-spaced, Times New Roman, font 12, margins 2.5cm) in which you will include the following:

a) an introduction where you introduce the topic and tell me what are the ideologies (at least 2) that you have chosen
b) a general presentation of the arguments for each of the ideologies chosen (this would require you to write several paragraphs)

c) a brief conclusion to what you think is the best ideology to analyze the issue and why d) a reference list including at least 3 academic references (one of which has to be your textbook). By academic references, we mean books or articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Referencing must be done using APA style.


The debate paper is worth 15%. The debate paper is due onAugust 9th. The rubric used for the debate will be the following:

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Shreyashi answered on Aug 10 2021
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Introduction to Death Penalty:
The execution of an accused person sentenced to death after the accused is found guilty by the court of law is known as death penalty. (Hood.2020) Capital punishment and death penalty are the two terms that can be used interchangeably because there are possibilities that it can be reduced to a lifetime imprisonment. Death penalty has a history that dates back to the 7th century BCE. Death penalty was used in ancient Greece widely for murder, treason, arson, rape and many other crimes as such. It was used by the Romans as well widely for various crimes. People who follow Judaism and Christianity have claimed to find the death penalty justifiable in a passage in the Bible. For instance, “Whosoever sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed” is something that the Bible says. People who follow Islamism also know that the Quran prescribes death penalty for some fixed crimes. The death penalty was formerly used extensively in England for a large number of crimes in the 17th and 18th century. In the ancient ages execution in China was ca
ied out in many painful methods. Boiling a person and cutting into halves are some of them. By the end of 20th century many US states that allowed death penalty adopted lethal injection. Studies show that out of many countries, on an average only 30 countries ca
y out the death penalty. Here we are going to debate on how the death penalty is justifiable considering the conservative and the Fascist ideology.
General representation of both the Ideologies and their relation to the death penalty:
(Conservatives. New voices.) Conservatism refers to a lifestyle that is conventional. It may refer to the lifestyle that refuses to change or fears change. In earlier times it was used as a political ideology. As a political ideology it can be defined as the resistance to change. It is a common...

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