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The assignment is a Narrative Speech Outline and the Topic will be on Self-Confidence

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The assignment is a Narrative Speech Outline and the Topic will be on Self-Confidence
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Priyanka answered on Oct 06 2021
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Open with impact
Do you want to be successful? Do you want to achieve everything that you want in the world? If yes, you need to become confident first. Confidence is the key to success. The statement is known by all. Confidence takes birth in the mind. It is not given birth outside the mind and then planted in it. This is new to you! ‘What you believe is what you are’, is another statement to help you generate confidence by having faith in yourself. Every one of us can or become a stunt man provided we have faith in ourselves. We can reach the top of the mountains, walk on the moon, work 24/7, and do everything that we can imagine and believe.
Focus on the thesis statement
One can achieve everything with the help of self-confidence. Faith is directly proportional to confidence. The more the faith, the more the confidence! The journey of thousand miles begins with one step. The courage to take this first tiny step is gathered when you have faith in yourself. Faith will move mountains. Once you determine to achieve something, it is going to be as easy as ABC.
Connect with your audience
You must have achieved so many things in your life. If you try to remember the mental state venue you were doing or started doing that task, you would find...

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