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The answers doesn’t have to be long, one paragraph/few lines per answer ASSIGNMENT 2.1 Read the Opening Case (UBER’S FOREIGN MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY) and answer shortly the following questions: What...

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  1. The answers doesn’t have to be long, one paragraph/few lines per answer


    Read the Opening Case (UBER’S FOREIGN MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY) and answer shortly the following questions:

    • What drove Uber’s decision to quickly become a global player rather than establishing itself in the United States prior to moving to foreign markets?
    • Uber has a reputation for ignoring local regulations when it expands into a new market. Discuss this strategy. Do you agree with Uber?


    Watch the ‘Did You Know?’ video clip about born global firms ( and answer the following questions (optional: you can read also; it can be found also – low quality – in BB/Course Content/ARTICLES/Chapter 2) for additional information:

    • What’s a company that is “born global?”
    • How is a born global company different from a company that “becomes” global?
    • Why is it easier for entrepreneurs to be “born global” today than it was, say, twenty years ago?


    In real life entry decisions are rarely easy! What if a country is economically speaking highly interesting but politically problematic? Watch this video answer the following questions:

    • Comment on the willingness of both U.S. airlines and clothing maker GAP to bow to China’s demands to include Taiwan as a province of China. What are the benefits to the companies of these decisions? Do you see any dangers?
    • Many companies see China as an important market for their growth. Do companies have a moral requirement to opt out of the market, despite its size, if doing business in China requires companies to compromise their ideals? Discuss your response from the perspective of various stakeholders including employees, stockholders, and Chinese consumers.


    Visit the following website:

    • Provide a list of the top 20 companies that pursue franchising as their preferred mode of international expansion.
    • Study and describe one of the companies from the list, including a description of the international expansion pattern, financial requirements and ongoing fees, and support provided to franchisees.


    Visit the following website of Country Commercial Guides:

    Choose a country. On the left pane of the page, explore the ‘Doing Business in’ category and write a quick summary for each of the subcategories (Exporting to Market Overview, Market Challenges, Market Opportunities, Market Entry Strategy)

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Title: Strategic Management
Introduction    3
Assignment 2.1: Uber’s Foreign Market Entry Strategy    3
1.    3
2.    3
Assignment 2.2: ‘Did You Know?’ Video Clip about Born Global Firms    4
1.    4
2.    4
3.    4
Assignment 2.3: China Video    5
1.    5
2.    5
Assignment 2.4: Entrepreneur Website    6
1.    6
2.    6
Assignment 2.5: Country Commercial Guides    6
Conclusion    7
Works Cited    8
The cu
ent study will discuss the decision of UBER foreign market entry strategy. In addition to that, it will outline the global firms regarding the company and even it will discuss the economic speaking highly interesting but political problematic. Furthermore, the international expansion will also be demonstrated.
    Assignment 2.1: Uber’s Foreign Market Entry Strategy
As mentioned by Bauer et al., Uber wanted to be part of first-mover opportunities in capturing a larger cut of the profits in numerous areas before either rivals entered the market following Uber. Additionally, Uber has the ability to grow successfully.
One of the reasons, Uber has developed at such a rapid pace is that it does not have had the same overhead as conventional taxi businesses. Because the technology is less complicated, businesses can adapt to environmental more rapidly and circumvent some of the development hurdles that exist in other parts of the world such as United States.
A few years ago, Uber expanded rapidly into major metro areas throughout the globe, often restricting ride services and disregarding local restrictions that demand a driver's license (Uber Case Study). Following this concept, the company came first, ignored legislators, giving actual benefits to passengers as well as drivers and then only, they altered the legislation.
According to Sibiya and Kele, rather of concentrating on nations with strong demand assumptions, Uber's approach has been to concentrate on cities all over the globe from the beginning. Uber bypassed established taxi businesses and regulatory agencies in practically every important domestic and international market, including the United States. There are no joint ventures with other local firms at this time. The decision was made to go it alone, formed own organization and often violated the law.
Assignment 2.2: ‘Did You Know?’ Video Clip about Born Global Firms
There are many organizations, which will be considered global, but they will not actually be. The definition of a global company born is from the outset, a business organization that strives to extract considerable competitive advantage from the consumption of available and the distribution of outcomes in different nations (De Loecker and...

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