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Students will be expected to address all the issues evidenced in both parts of the set assignment. In Week 11 students shall upload assignment answers to Moodle and shall upload a soft copy through...

Students will be expected to address all the issues evidenced in both parts of the set assignment.
In Week 11 students shall upload assignment answers to Moodle and shall upload a soft copy through Turnitin as one Word file. Turnitin checks for copied and unreferenced material. The class code and access password will be available on the subject site on SIS. It is highly recommended that students discuss the requirements of the questions with the lecturer.
Students should seek assistance with referencing and English writing difficulties with Academic Support staff in the library.
 References should follow the Harvard referencing style.
Assessment Item 2 
(See text How to study law? Pages xxii-xxviii)
In both essays use cases, statutes and other resources covered in the course where appropriate to support the analysis.
Remember that this is a Business Law assignment
Not a marketing or management assignment.
Part A   15 % 1000 words
As background see text What is compliance? Pages xvi-xviii
Your text states at page xviii, “The first step in compliance clearly involves identifying the laws that apply to the business, the regulators who have jurisdiction in specific areas, the risks the business faces and legal issues that may arise. And it is not just a matter of putting together a one-off compliance program. Regular reviews, tracking changes to the law and ongoing effective education of staff about their legal obligations is essential for legal compliance and building ‘a culture of compliance’.”

You and your family run a seafood restaurant in Sydney and you now wish to call it the Great Catch!
Using the topics from Week 6 (Property Law), Week 7 (Sale of Goods and Consumer Protection) and Week 8 (Intellectual Property) complete a research essay setting out the key areas of law and compliance in Australia that would be highly significant to your particular business operations for this business. You would need to consider chapters 18, 19, 23, 24 and 28 of the text.

Part B   15 % 1000 words

“Manny and Bella are married and since 2008 they have run a pizza business in the city. They call the business Perfect Domino Pizza.

They visit the showroom of Tuscan Ovens Pty. Ltd to buy a new pizza oven for their business. They tell Tuscan’s manager that they must have a heavy duty which will cook at least 30 pizzas every hour for 16 continuous hours every day. Manny tells the manager that such an oven is required “otherwise I will lose customers at the peak hours. The manager assures Manny and Bella that the new Tuscan XX commercial oven will satisfy their requirements.

As a result of the manager’s statements and recommendations, Manny and Bella purchase the oven for $15,000.

While they are waiting for the delivery of the new pizza oven Manny and Bella advertise the new oven for their restaurant but they decide to refer to it as the MB Oven and not mention the real registered name, Tuscan XX.

Soon after the new oven is installed, they discover that it can only cook 12 pizzas per hour and is unreliable. Due to these problems the pizza business is losing money. Tuscan will not discuss any complaints from Manny and Bella.”

Discuss the different areas of law from topics in Week 6, 7 and 8 that emerge from these facts. Be sure to explain who may take legal action and what remedies and penalties could be applied. Cases and statutes should be used. Chapters 18, 19, 23, 24 and 28 should be considered.

Oct 07, 2019

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