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In this discussion forum, you are required to post the second part of the Argumentative Paper Draft of your written argument AND respond to at least two (2) of your classmates' drafts, making sure to...

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In this discussion forum, you are required to post the second part of the Argumentative Paper Draft of your written argument AND respond to at least two (2) of your classmates' drafts, making sure to provide feedback to your peers by answering the questions below in your reply posts.
· This part of your draft should provide supporting evidence for the three reasons you mentioned in the plan of development for your thesis. Be sure to cite all sources using APA formatted in-text and full citations. (Please type your thesis at the top of the page to enable your peer reviewers to provide adequate feedback on your supporting evidence.)
· Remember, you won't receive full credit if you don't answer the peer review questions for two of your classmates' drafts.
Your draft should not be your first version of your argument. It should be edited and proofread to the best of your ability; this includes a spell check. Additionally, your sources should be co
ectly cited using APA style and you should include a working list of References.
Before submitting Your Draft
Before submitting your draft for peer review, ask yourself the following questions:
· Have I typed my thesis statement (claim, plus three reasons) at the top of my page as a reminder for my peers?
· Have I provided convincing support for my claim?
· Did my support come from a variety of credible sources?
· Does all of my information relate to the thesis?
· What additional information do I need?
· Will my structure make sense to my audience?
· Have I used appropriate transitions?
· Have I checked for spelling and grammar e
· Are my in-text and full citations in co
ect APA format?
NOTE: This part of your draft should be at least two (2) pages long, not including your References page.
Be sure to include the following elements:
· Thesis--- Your claim, plus three supporting reasons
· Content--- Supporting evidence for your claim from a variety of sources.
· APA Formatted In-text Citations--- Required for all paraphrased, summarized, or quoted information
· References page--- Full APA formatted citations for all sources
Requirements for Your Initial Post
Remember you are required to review and provide feedback to two (2) of your peers' papers, and this is a significant part of the grade for this discussion. You will download your classmate's essay and save the file so that you can respond to both the macro (large) and the micro (small) issues in the essay. For more information on macro and micro revision topics, see the Introduction to Peer Review .
To help you respond to the macro issues, such as content, organization, and other global issues needing revision, copy and paste the following questions at the end of the essay and respond to each in detail.
· What is the writer's claim (thesis statement)? What three reasons does the writer give in support of he
his claim?
· Evaluate the effectiveness of the writer's reasons. Does the writer provide sufficient evidence and reasoning to support the claim? If yes, explain. If no, point out specific places where the evidence or reasoning should be strengthened.
· How effective is the organization of the paper? Do the ideas flow smoothly with strong transitions between different topics? Are there paragraphs without strong topic sentences? Be specific in pointing out any areas of strengths and weaknesses.
· Does the writer use credible sources? What characteristics of the sources lead you to conclude whether they are credible, or not?
· If you were to change one thing about the essay, what would it be? Please don't respond with "Nothing." Almost any piece of writing could be improved in some way. Think about places in the essay where you may have been confused or wanted more information if you are having a hard time thinking of something.
To address the essay at the level of micro details that require editing, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation, use the comments and track changes functions in Word to respond directly on your classmate's paper. For more details about micro issues, see the Introduction to Peer Review. Even if you think you don't have valuable feedback to provide, any question or comment that will make your classmate look more closely at an essay can be helpful. As you get more experienced at the peer review process, you will quickly learn that you are a much better editor of someone else's work than your own.
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Swati answered on Jul 20 2021
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Social media influence
Claim- Social Media can destroy real life communications.
Reason 1- Lacking in development of ve
al skills due to extended online communication.
Reason 2- Ease of communicating by manipulating emotions using online communication.
Reason 3- Spending more time on internet makes people unaware of actual su
ounding and go along the trends and content on social media.
With the progress in humanity, the communication method among people has also changed much. It is becoming effective as well as easier every approaching year wherein it started with post crossing followed by phones and then social media as there is access to internet more and more easily now a days. Several social media platforms like Twitter, facebook, Instagram and other messaging apps have made the real life communication and old school thing and social media communication as hot trend. Real life communication has started moving towards extinction with the new generation now.
This is quite dangerous for people who are growing up using social media already. People also do suggest that this mode of communication using social media is improving the state in which they are living and will eventually
ing out the balance between online communication and real life. But it is clearly visible and sure that social media communication ate up the real life communication to great extent and destroyed it totally.
One crucial argument against uncontrolled texting use and social media communication use is that the children of today won’t get to develop ve

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