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SIT792 Minor Thesis Assignment 5 – Poster Presentation Introduction Being able to professionally and clearly communicate your ideas is critical in both research and practice careers. This poster...

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SIT792 Minor Thesis Assignment 5 – Poster Presentation Introduction Being able to professionally and clearly communicate your ideas is critical in both research and practice careers. This poster presentation assignment will give you: • Experience in explaining your ideas to peers • Getting feedback on your ideas • Summarizing your thesis project outcomes verbally • Creating a poster to summarize your project outcomes Poster presentation Brief description of assessment task This assessment task requires the students to present their work-in-progress to a peer audience in text and visual format. As a poster presenter, the student will be required to combine visual and oral explanations of the proposed publication. Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate professional communication, analytical and synthesis skills and research skills at advanced level. Detail of student output This is an individual assessment task based on team work. Each student is required to deliver one poster to include the key information of the project, and a 5-minute virtual presentation (no more than 5 PowerPoint slides with voice overlay) highlighting key aspects of their research project. The images and text that students choose should captivate the audience to learn more at the same time presenting information in a succinct manner. Grading and weighting (% total mark for unit) 10% marked and graded This task assesses your achievement of these Unit Learning Outcome(s) ULO3 – Effectively disseminate research outcomes to a variety of audiences using highly developed communication skills and work productively within a team of experts in the field.ULO4 – Demonstrate autonomy, expert judgement, adaptability, initiative, resilience and responsibility as a practitioner or learner. This task assesses your achievement of these Graduate Learning Outcome(s) GLO1 – through student ability to apply discipline specific knowledge and expertise in the development of a publication.GLO2 – through student ability to disseminate the goals and aspirations of their scholarship and practice. How and when you will receive feedback on your workThe supervisor will provide suggestions about poster presentation and feedback on the poster, as well as mark the submissions for this task. When and how to submit your work Students must submit a digital poster (A1 size without voice overlay) and a PowerPoint presentation file with voice overlay by 5:00pm AEST, Friday 4 October 2019 (Week 12 – study period). Submission via CloudDeakin Assignment Dropbox. Presentation and Poster Prepare a 3-5 minute PowerPoint presentation with voice overlay, and submit it with your digital poster (without voice overlay) to CloudDeakin for assessment. Prepare an A1 size digital poster (using PowerPoint or similar without voice overlay) and upload this to CloudDeakin. Your poster should: • Include your name, project title and supervisor, and a Deakin logo • Outline the research area • Say why this project topic is important • Outline key research questions your project addressed • Summarizes the research you did, how you did it, and key results Guidelines • Plan your presentation and talk carefully – use your 3-minute project presentation and improve upon • Use pictures and large text – it's designed to be displayed as a poster so needs to be readable • Keep the poster simple and concise – don’t try and squeeze too much detail onto it • Speak slowly (not too slowly) and clearly • Use maximum of 5 minutes • Get someone to look at your poster / listen to your talk for feedback before submitting Read the following page for details of the marking rubric.Marking Rubric – SIT792 Poster Presentation Number Fail Weak Satisfactory Excellent 1. Submission Did not submit poster. Poster submitted. Presentation content 2. Introduction No or poor introduction of your team, topic, supervisor. Limited introduction quality. Good introduction. Excellent introduction to your team and project. 3. Research area overview, related work No research area or related work overview, incomplete or very hard to follow. Hard to follow or incomplete. Reasonably good summary of research area and key related work. Excellent, concise, complete, easy to follow summary of research area and key related work. 4. Research questions and method No problem or questions, incomplete or very hard to follow. Some research problem scoping, some research questions and method but appear incomplete, not focused. Reasonably good research problem scoping, research questions, method described. Excellent scoping of research problems, challenges, research questions and method for this project. 5. Results No results provided. Results partly described. Results presented reasonably well. Excellent set of results summarized. Poster quality 6. Poster quality Poor, incomplete. Poster is barely acceptable; poor layout, style, illustration, hard to read photos. Good quality poster, acceptable quality of illustrations and photos/diagrams. Excellent poster with good layout, style, good use of illustrations, good size and easy to read at a distance, etc. 7. PowerPoint content Poor, incomplete. PowerPoint contains most of the material discussed but limited. PowerPoint contains all required material; material is good quality. Excellent quality content of the PowerPoint presentation. Presentation quality 8. Presentation quality Poorly presented and delivered; very hard to follow. Presentation barely acceptable; hard to follow; incomplete. Well-presented and effective presentation; some parts not as clear as others. Excellent presentation all round. 9. Well-paced, enjoyable Too fast, flow, too long, too short. Pace was barely OK. Good pace, not too fast or slow, about right length; mostly an enjoyable talk. Excellent pace and length; very enjoyable presentation for audience. Overall Grade Not yet to a pass standard. Pass - none of the ‘Fail’ items, and more than 50% of the ‘Weak’ items. Credit – good work - contains none of the items in the ‘Weak’ list, most of the elements in the ‘Satisfactory’ list above, and elements of the excellent items. Distinction - Very good work. Contains none of the items in the ‘Weak’ list, 6-9 Satisfactory or Excellent; majority of other items in the excellent list. High distinction - Exceptional work. Contains none of the items in the ‘Weak’ list, items 6-9 are Excellent; most other items in the excellent list.SIT792 Minor ThesisAssignment 5 – Poster PresentationPresentation and PosterGuidelinesMarking Rubric – SIT792 Poster Presentation
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Ankit answered on Oct 04 2021
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PowerPoint Presentation
Application of Modern Electronic Devices Based on Internet of Things and Fifth Generation (5G) in Smart Healthcare
Thesis topic is Internet of things (IoT) & 5G in the health care industry.
IoT is adopted by healthcare sector with high speed.
The 5G wireless network will be supported by billions of connected devices and sensors in the next 5 years.
IoT is very helpful for doing medical research on diagnosing health conditions and giving speedy remedies.
ently there are various IoT enabled devices in healthcare firm such as wearable, stationary and implantable devices but in future IoT and fifth generation...

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