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Running Head: BIOLOGY                                    1
BIOLOGY        2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
A low prevalence disorder    3
id mental health/ AOD issues/ disorders    4
Interventions    5
Recovery    6
Conclusion    6
References    8
Mental processes are highly dynamic and therefore vary from individual to individual and for the similar individual, mental processes vary from instance to instance. Therefore, in order to understand the mental processes and their dynamic behaviour, cognitive psychologist have defined and developed several theoretical models. These models can help to determine the steps that may be involved in ongoing mental processes, based upon which prevalence as well as persistence of mental issues can be determined as well as treated within an individual. In this essay, Vulnerability Stress Paradigm will be chosen as the theoretical model and efforts will be made in order to explain mental issues or disorders. This model basically addresses the vulnerability of an individual to mental health disorders and for this essay, bipolar disease will be the chosen low prevalence mental issue.
A low prevalence disorde
Bipolar disease or mental issue is basically a major issue that may prevail among an individual and the suffering individual may not be even aware of it. It is marked by extreme shifts observed in the mood and under this disorder, individual may have mania or elevated mood or it may suffer from episodes of depression. Both the behaviours vary time to time and therefore this disease is called as bipolar disorder (Takagi, Kamijo & Ikeda, 2016).
Vulnerability stress model suggests that vulnerabilities that may be suffered by an individual or to which an individual may be exposed can be considered as the major reason behind the prevalence of a mental disorder. Further, genetic makeup has been signified to play a major role during the early life experiences and those early life experiences can then be considered to have a major impact upon rest of life. Kupfer, Frank and Ritchey (2015) suggested that Bipolar disorder reflects its symptoms when the individual may reach around 25 years of age. Therefore, it can be considered that the vulnerabilities that the individual may have been exposed to or suffered from would foster this disorder.
Biological vulnerability have been regarded to play a major role because if an individual is susceptible to something that reflects a greater impact. Therefore, stress from environmental functioning and society along with other elements such as anxiety can further foster bipolar disorder. Due to this, individuals may stay hyperactive foe some weeks while they may remain depressed for the other and depending upon the intensity of vulnerabilities, time duration of both the behaviours may vary (Behavioural Health Evolution, 2019).
id mental health/ AOD issues/ disorders
Lincoln, Kother,...

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