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Refer to Table 11.13 on attitudes toward legalized abortion. For the response Y t (1=support legalization, 0=oppose.for question t ( t =1, 2, 3.and for gender g (1=female, 0=male., consider the model...

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Refer to Table 11.13 on attitudes toward legalized abortion. For the response Yt(1=support legalization, 0=oppose.for question (t=1, 2, 3.and for gender (1=female, 0=male., consider the model logit[P(Yt=1)]=α+γgtwith β3=0.

a. A GEE analysis using unstructured working correlation gives correlation estimates 0.826 for questions 1 and 2, 0.797 for 1 and 3,  and 0.832 for 2 and 3. What does this suggest about a reasonable working correlation structure?

b. Table 11.13 shows a GEE analysis with exchangeable working correlation. Interpret effects.

c. Treating the three responses for each subject as independent observations and performing ordinary logistic regression    Give a heuristic explanation of why within-subject standard errors are much larger than with GEE, yet the between-subject standard error is smaller.

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a) Since the co
elations are all roughly the same, we could use an exchangeable co
) The odds of supporting the legalization of abortion were exp(0.15) = 1.16 times higher for
question one, which was statistically significant when compared to question 3. The odds of
supporting the legalization were exp(0.052) = 1.05 times higher with question...

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