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Questions Answer ALL questions. Unifor and the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) offer dramatically different approaches with respect to their overall philosophy and approach to...

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Answer ALL questions.

Unifor and the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) offer dramatically different approaches with respect to their overall philosophy and approach to representing their members.

  1. Through your research, identify and elaborate on a list of the most important areas of difference between the two groups. Account for why these two groups have such opposite approaches. Which approach do you think makes the most sense? Why?
  2. If you had an opportunity to join one of these groups as an organizer or business agent, which one would you join and why? Tufts and Tate 2017 (cited in Hebdon page 138) suggest that CLAC’s populist appeal may prompt other unions to explore neo corporatist arrangements as traditional unionism continued to struggle. If you were a gig worker, what type of union representation would you prefer? Why?
  3. Is there a future for an organization like CLAC in a globalized world where size is important? Is there a future for an organization like Unifor in an increasingly competitive economy?

(15 Marks)

In 1981, US President Ronald Regan fired over 11,000 Air Traffic Controllers after they chose to go on what he termed “an illegal” strike. Drawing on a variety of sources (class text, on- line etc.) research the dispute. Apply Craig’s IR model to analyze the strike.

  1. What political factors may have played a role?
  2. Many commentators believe this event was a turning point in the fortunes of organized labour in the U.S.-that it represented a major setback. What do you think? What evidence can you offer in support or in rebuttal?
  3. It has also been suggested that parties in a labour dispute often make decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete information. In this case, many people did not expect Reagan to take the action he did, and the dynamics changed quickly with union losing much of the leverage it believed it had. If the parties in a dispute had better information, would better information impact the length of disputes?
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Part A:
Question 1
Unifor and CLAC both have distinctive traits, as per their organisational culture. The scenario of labour movement has evolved in Canadian context over the past two decades. With the rise of care sectors, the labour resilience has become one of the prominent issues. Unifor, for example, could fight for the rights of the Auto drivers who went on a strike for enlisting their category under equal wages act.
This philosophy makes Unifor as the primary organisation working for the rights of common people who are skilled professionals. The growth and development of organisational values of Unifor has made it a prefe
ed platform for the small-scale industrial workers. The addressing of concern here goes with the philosophy of considering every member of the organisation as equally significant.
At Unifor, the communication strategies used are favourable to all types of workers especially the small ones whose wages range from a wide variety of sources. Perceiving the difference, the philosophical approach of CLAC is of populist theory. The organisation is more like some trade union, which functions as the medium between the labour unions and the big industrial sector. Because the company is established in 1952, CLAC has seen all kinds of evolutions (Milkman, 2019).
Thus, the populist approach helps in developing the consensus among the workers ranging from all sources. This approach covers the needs and expectations of all type of workers. Comparing the philosophy of CLAC with Unifor, CLAC takes the upper hand in terms of operational management as the trade union. The philosophy of the organisation is more acceptable than Unifor because it works from the result driven ideology.
Question 2
If I were to join any of the given two organisations, I would prefer CLAC because of their evolution to the new challenges and patterns in managing the interest of various small trade unions. The working philosophy of CLAC is to make sure that all categories of industrial working are positively engaged; their interests are mutually aligned to find out collaborated results for the wellbeing of the common workers.
This philosophy is at times known as neo-corporatist theory and the a
angements of this perspective become easily accessible to trade unions. The working of CLAC aligns with the evolution of Canadian industrial sector; the nation is growing strongly as the new hub for industrial growth, marking its presence on international level.
The recent reports of IRCC display, for instance, a wide variety of professional workers appearing in Canadian industries as permanent immigrants. Thus, the cu
ent working philosophy will help me as a gig worker to go forward positively and apply for the rights and economic security needed, as...

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