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Please do an audit on the External Marketing Environment of Toyota using the rubric below: These are just some examples and ideas you can follow. APA Syle with at least 3 references. As a market...

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Please do an audit on the External Marketing Environment of Toyota using the ru
ic below:
These are just some examples and ideas you can follow.
APA Syle with at least 3 references.
As a market orientated organisation, we must start by asking – What is the nature of our ‘customer?’ Such as:
·         Their needs and how we satisfy them.
·         Their buyer decision process and consumer behaviour.
·         Their perception of our
and, and loyalty to it.
·         The nature of segmentation, targeting and positioning in our markets.
·         What customers ‘value’ and how we provide that ‘value?.’
What is the nature of competition in our target markets?
·         Our competitors’ level of profitability.
·         Their numbe
·         The relative strengths and weaknesses of competition.
·         The marketing plans and strategies of our competition.
What is the cultural nature of the environment(s)?
·         Beliefs and religions.
·         The standards and average levels of education.
·         The evolving lifestyles of our target consumers.
·         The nature of consumerism in our target markets.
What is the demography of our consumers? Such as average age, levels of population, gender make up, and so on. How does technology play a part?
·         The level of adoption of mobile and Internet technologies.
·         The way in which goods are manufactured.
·         Information systems.
·         Marketing communications uses of technology and media.
What is the economic condition of our markets?
·         Levels of average disposable income.
·         Taxation policy in the target market.
·         Economic indicators such as inflation levels, interest rates, exchange rates and unemployment.
Is the political and legal landscape changing in any way?
·         Laws, for example, copyright and patents.
·         Levels of regulation such as quotas or tariffs.
·         Labou
labor laws such as minimum wage legislation.
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Running Head: TOYOTA        1
TOYOTA        2
Table of Contents
Nature of Customer    3
Nature of Competition and Target Markets    3
Cultural Nature of Environment    4
Demography    4
Economic Conditions    5
Political and Legal Landscape    5
References    6
Nature of Custome
· The needs of the Toyota customer are to travel with comfort inside the car. The satisfaction is done by applying the best seats and cushions.
· Buyer decision process is the cost benefit analysis in car purchase. Consumer behaviour of Toyota is to purchase car with safety and protection
· Toyota follows 7 aspects for
and perception and loyalty: Quality, safety, value, performance, design, technology and genuineness (Iyoda, Trisdale, Sherony, Mikat & Rose, 2016)
· Toyota’s STP is to develop a segment focusing on the manufacture of their models of the middle and high income earners in the markets
· Value proposition of Toyota is to provide supe
quality and joy of driving with integrated safety to their customers
Nature of Competition and Target Markets
· Competitors of Toyota like the Ford, Hyundai and Nissan has been calculating the level of profitability with 50%, whereas Toyota is 40% (Aoki & Wilhelm, 2017)
· Number of Toyota cars manufactured in a year is 3million in three two different deals and the design. Budget concentration of...

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