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Part A Red and Blue Engineering has recently lost a $5 million contract, which will result in an immediate 30% decrease in the budget. In response, the Red and Blue Engineering Management Team has...

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Part A Red and Blue Engineering has recently lost a $5 million contract, which will result in an immediate 30% decrease in the budget. In response, the Red and Blue Engineering Management Team has been meeting behind closed doors for the last month, and has decided to cut 30% of existing core and program staff positions (20 staff members) and reorganize its operational structures. Everyone at Red and Blue Engineering is aware of the financial loss and understands that some level of staff reduction will be necessary, but so far no formal communication has gone out about the extent of cuts, timing, etc. As to be expected, people are very nervous, and this has only served to exacerbate the rumours about who and how many jobs will be eliminated. Overall morale is low. Several key employees (that are keepers) have already begun looking elsewhere for work opportunities. Supervisors are worried about having fewer employees to do the same amount of work. Cooperation among units has greatly decreased, as everyone is concerned about their own future. And productivity is starting to suffer. The CEO understands the severity of this reduction and the importance of transparency in this process. At the same time, he realizes that the management team has not demonstrated a strong track record when faced with tough human resources issues. In the past they have been accused of lack of information sharing, indecisiveness on major issues, making decisions in isolation, and “playing politics” favouring some staff over others.In order to demonstrate change in the leadership and management style and minimize the trauma associated with this unfortunate budget reduction, the CEO has asked you to consult with the management team on proposed strategies for making this transition transparent, inclusive and as smooth as possible. You will be responsible for consulting with the entire management team on their strategic roles and responsibilities in leading this organisational change. You will also need to help them understand where they are likely to encounter resistance. You recognize that several members of the management team are not particularly excited about a task force coming together to advise them on executive decisions, particularly a group that is comprised of line management staff some of which might be affected by the final decision. However, the CEO has given you this responsibility, and has promised to support your recommendations for the viability of Red and Blue Engineering. Your assessor will arrange the role play so that you can consult with the management team (your classmates will act in this role). You will need to facilitate that discussion and negotiate an agreement between the management team to solve the problem.
Part B Based on the discussions in your role play, prepare a detailed organisational development plan for Red and Blue Engineering. Communication/education plans refers to: •documented range of activities designed to ensure all affected groups and individuals (and other relevant parties) obtain sufficient knowledge to allow them to understand what is happening and why, and to allow them to participate where appropriate Activities and interventions may include:  action research  brainstorming  career planning  inter-group team building  job redesign  quality circles  re-engineering  sensitivity training  succession planning  surveys (with feedback)  team building  training  transition analysis
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Table of Contents
Part A    4
Negotiation Agreement    4
Part B    4
Organizational development Plan    4
Communication Plan    5
References    8
Part A
Negotiation Agreement
The strengths of the management will be counted and the need for change management will be discussed with them. It will give them an overview about how the change is going to be executed in Red and Blue engineering and how their role is important for the purpose.
The practices like prevailing politics favouring employees, misuse of communication channels, siloed departments, missing opportunities due to indecisiveness will be explained the reason for required change and the amount of loss beared by the company. According to Rao and Lakshmi this will shift the focus towards need of the hour.
The aim of the company is to grow and make up the losses incu
ed by it during the period. The newly add panel will work towards implementation of processes as a change measure and lead by example in the environment (Keya, 2021). They will closely interact with employees through informal meetings helping them to solve their queries.
The result will existing and new management will work in alignment and towards the common goal which is yet to be achieved through change management.
The employees at all level will be respectful towards each other at all times maintaining the dignity and respect of the decisions which will be finalized during the process.
The process will take time as Red and Blue engineering is determined to fix issues of all of its employees to the best of the capacity and resources it has (Keya, 2021.
Part B
Organizational development Plan
    Priority Organizational developmental actions
    Completed by
    Employees will present their contribution to HR in a through presentation
    30 April, 2022
    Values and Culture
    To ensure growth employees will ca
y out their tasks as usual
    Till further notice at individual level
    Systems (Ballaro, Mazzi & Holland, 2020)
    Restricted access will be there and only project based files will be accessed
    15 April, 2022

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